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  If you own a business that employs workers, you’d want them to be at peak productivity for as long as they are at their duty post. While there are always going to be momentary dips in the quality of their performance, you’ll expect your employees to operate at high levels of efficiency and effectiveness on the whole.
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There’s a lot to getting the best out of your team besides paying them a decent wage. Below, we’ll talk about eight ways you can encourage them to achieve great results for your business.

Acknowledge Excellent Work

When anyone on your staff does impressive work, be sure to let them know that you are pleased with it. If they are willing to go over and beyond what their job description requires, they are likely going to do your business a lot of good, so you’ll want to keep them. A big part of ensuring this is by recognizing their effort and the results that it yields.

Set Goals That Can Be Tracked

Employees may struggle to find motivation if they have to work on a large project over a long period. In such an instance, you can make things easier for them by having their work split up into smaller units that they can tackle over shorter lengths of time. These units should be measurable and easy to track. When your team members see that they’re making progress towards an ultimate goal with each batch of work they complete, they’ll be more motivated to get on to the next stage of work.

Celebrate Significant Wins

When your employees score a great win (e.g. land a big client or complete a large project) you should give them the freedom to celebrate it. When you make this a part of your business’s work culture, you’ll be creating an environment that’s fun to work in. The people on your team will also want to put in their very best to achieve more success.
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Give Valuable Rewards

As we’ve already noted, there are other ways to get workers to do better besides paying them a good salary. Bonuses can certainly drive them to work extra hard. But so can other kinds of rewards, like outings, gifts, or a day off work. Just be sure that it’s something that its recipient will appreciate.

Support Teamwork

Another way to drive greater productivity at your company is to make teamwork a big part of your organizational ethos. Many of your workers will enjoy work better if they’re able to collaborate with teammates on the job. The bonding and sense of camaraderie that this creates with them could propel them to perform much better at their jobs.

Encourage Regular Breaks

It’s important that employees are able to take short breaks from work. They should have a few minutes to stretch out and take a short walk after an hour or two at their desk. That’s besides a lunch break, which should last longer. Taking these moments off work will allow them to get refreshed and return to their duty with a recovered focus.

Let Employees Understand The Importance Of Their Work

Once in a while, share your business’s mission and vision with your employees, and let them know how their individual efforts are helping to make those goals a reality. Let them understand that your aims aren’t merely statements, but potential realities that could improve the lives of your customers and make your city, region or country a better place. This may inspire them to become more productive.
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Give Employees The Chance To Improve

If your team members are great at what they do, your business will be better for it. Their productivity levels will increase as they get better at their job. So it’s a good idea to encourage their personal development. Organize in-house seminars, share training opportunities with them, and ask them to take courses that are relevant to their careers and the work that they do.

Final Words

Your staff can only give you their best output if they are motivated to do so. There are many ways to keep them driven to achieve maximum results, as we’ve explained here. Follow the tips we’ve shared, and begin recording an improvement in your team’s productivity. Featured Image Source: Inc. Magazine
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This article was first published on 29th November 2022


Ikenna Nwachukwu holds a bachelor's degree in Economics from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He loves to look at the world through multiple lenses- economic, political, religious and philosophical- and to write about what he observes in a witty, yet reflective style.

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