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  Oral health in Nigeria is still somewhat an issue that is not taken seriously compared to other health concerns. This may be owing to the fact that a large number of people are unaware of the relevance of keeping up a healthy set of teeth.
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We are more likely to overlook symptoms that don’t immediately culminate into death, so oral health is given a lot of laxities. More so, the high cost for dental consultations, visitations and medication in Nigeria is a great discouraging factor. Contrary to popular opinion, your dental health is relevant to your mental and physical well-being and ensuring your teeth are healthy involves a lifetime commitment. It is best to stay conscious of this, take the right steps, products, and habits in ensuring a healthy oral lifestyle. Here are a few easy tips that will not break your banks and backs as you begin this healthy journey.

Always Brush Twice A Day

A lot of people are guilty of flouting this basic and really important tip. Most people prefer to brush in the mornings and ignore nights. That is quite detrimental. You only allow the germs, residues, and plagues gathered during the day to flourish and further damage your teeth.

Brush Properly

Do not forget the corners of your teeth. Move your brush in a circular motion to completely take out residues. Take your time in brushing, do not go ‘rush hour’ on your teeth. Do not neglect cleaning your tongue. You breed a bad odour and other health-related issues by doing so.
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Flossing Is As Important As Brushing

Maintaining basic dental care doesn’t stop at brushing your teeth alone. Floss immediately after every meal. This will help take out residues stuck in the gums, and they may be difficult to brush out, preventing future decay in children, especially.

Get A Great Mouthwash

Mouthwashes are even highly disregarded in the Nigerian context. Nonetheless, they are very important to maintaining great oral health. They should not be treated as an emergency, but as secondary products, as they can help individuals with tender mouths parts such as in children and old people. They help to reduce the level of acidity in the mouth, reach areas that are difficult to brush out and balances minerals in the teeth.

Maintain A Positive Diet For Your Teeth

Not all diet routines should be all about weight. You can also make one that suits your dental health practices. While drafting out your food timetable, ensure you eat more vegetables and fruits than ready-made meals, reduce sugary meals and acidic drinks. Above all, ensure you drink water frequently. This can help flush down stuck residues and acidity around the mouth. Although keeping a healthy dental routine may be very crucial, the need to consult a dentist cannot be overemphasised. It is required that you visit a dentist for occasionally dental cleanings and checkups two times a year. By taking this advice, you will be able to detect any problems and get them fixed before they get worse. Prevention is still better than cure. Save your teeth today. Featured Image Source: Michael Sinkin DDS
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This article was first published on 1st July 2021


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