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  The success of your business depends a lot on the extent to which you’re able to satisfy your customers, healthy customer relationships. But keeping them happy isn’t just about selling them products or services that solve their problems. It’s also about maintaining a good relationship with them.
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People will be eager to carry on doing business with you if they trust you. And the best way—sometimes the only way –to nurture that trust is to build ties with them. If you’d like to create and sustain a bond with your customers that benefits both parties involved, here are five things you can do to achieve just that.

Provide Excellent Service

Selling your customers a brilliant product or offering them great service is at the foundation of fashioning a solid rapport with them. It’s how you satisfy them—the very first step to take before working to keep them happy. You have to be consistent in delivering an excellent user experience. Make wares that people in your target market will love, and maintain a high standard of service all around. This will impress your customers, and prepare the grounds for a strong relationship with them.

Take Feedback Seriously

The people who buy your products or use your services will have an opinion of them. Perhaps they’ll score your brand quite high with respect to its delivering on the promise that it’s made. Or they might believe that you need to adjust a few things to make your goods better. Their take on your offerings should matter a lot to you. After all, your business exists to serve them.
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Make it a duty to find out what your customers think about what you’ve been selling them. Your aim for collecting feedback should be to know how to do better at meeting your customers’ needs, as they expect them to be met. Don’t exalt your view of things so high that you ignore the very people who pay you for your services. Let their preferences guide your efforts at evolving better versions of your products.

Attend To Complaints Quickly

We have talked about how important it is to be excellent at what you do. Unfortunately, you will likely not achieve this all the time. There may be faults and shortcomings once in a while which your customers will spot before you do. If they bring them to your notice, ensure that the defects are fixed as soon as possible. Your response to complaints will create an impression in the complainants’ minds. If your business handles issues swiftly and effectively, it will gradually build a positive image for itself in the eyes of the public. And it’ll strengthen its relationship with the audience it caters to.

Keep In Touch

As is the case with other kinds of connections, your relationship with your customers thrives on communication. If you continually engage them, you’ll stay on top of their minds and in their sights. They are also more likely to reach out to you or continue to use your services if you carry on interacting with them. There are multiple channels through which you can keep in touch with customers: phone calls, emails, instant messaging, and social media, just to name some. The combination of channels you should use will depend on what’s the norm in your industry, and the platforms your customers are most likely to be found on. Also, try to make your communication with them a two-way thing. Request feedback (we’ve already talked about this) and let reviewers know that you are taking note of their comments.
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Show Your Appreciation

Do your best to make your customers feel recognized and appreciated. This begins with attending to their pressing needs and solving their problems—things that your product or service should do. But get beyond the mechanics of selling a solution, and show your customers, inhumane ways, that you value them. One approach you can take to this is to offer customer loyalty extras, gifts, and discounts to people who frequently patronize your business or buy relatively large volumes of your products. You may also provide these privileges during festive seasons or on special days (Christmas, for instance). Even designed cards and hand-written thank-you notes could prove effective.

Final Words

It’s important for your business to build and maintain a good relationship with its customers. This is one thing you need to do in order to ensure its survival and success. By serving your customers well, attending to their concerns, and appreciating their patronage, you can develop and sustain a relationship with them that’ll benefit all parties involved. Featured Image Source: Outbound Engine
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This article was first published on 14th December 2022


Ikenna Nwachukwu holds a bachelor's degree in Economics from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He loves to look at the world through multiple lenses- economic, political, religious and philosophical- and to write about what he observes in a witty, yet reflective style.

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