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  Your brand image is the impression that the public has of your products and services. That impression can change over time, for better or worse, and is influenced by your actions, as well as other factors. What you should know is that your brand image greatly determines the sort of sales you’ll record, your revenues and profitability, and ultimately, your business’s growth prospects.
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Given the point we’ve just made, you may want to know how to improve your brand image in 2024. The New Year gives you a chance to change people’s perception of your offerings and your organization as a whole, in a good way. You can do just that by taking the following steps:

Show Cultural Sensitivity

It’s hard to exaggerate the impact that being aware and responsive to cultural norms and values can have on a business and its brand. Your messaging—whether it’s through text, images, or videos –should reveal your brand’s respect for (and even appreciation of) the culture of the people you’re engaging. Avoid putting out content that may offend or cause discomfort; instead, promote the virtues that your audiences care about. When you tie your brand to the positive customs and traditions of the communities you’re selling to, you’ll cast it in a good light.

Leverage Technology

We are in an age defined by the technologies we embrace and work with. Some of those technologies are capable of transforming brand images. Communications technology in particular—whether it’s the web, social media, or some other digital channel –is a potentially powerful means of conveying a positive portrayal of your business and its concerns to the world. Connect with your target market via the mediums they use most frequently to stand a chance of shifting their opinion of your brand in the direction you’d prefer.

Be Authentic

Authenticity hasn’t lost its appeal. If anything, it’s more appreciated than ever. Consumers want to see brands that are true to the values they proclaim and are neither too uptight nor far removed from their reality. This is a fact you can take advantage of. Be genuine in your communication, and let the human side of your company be visible to all. Authenticity builds a strong connection with audiences and makes customer loyalty easier to establish.
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Engage in Social Responsibility Projects

Almost everyone appreciates it when businesses drive or support projects that have a good impact on society. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives are an avenue for organizations like yours to help make the lives of people in communities better. There’s a host of activities and projects that would qualify as a CSR, which you can take to, from providing schools with computers to funding the construction of access roads, as well as scholarships and cleanup exercises.

Take Good Care of Your Employees

Your employees’ view of your business also affects its brand image. After all, they are connected to the wider public through relationships of various sorts, and they will often share their experience of your workspace and culture with their contacts. If you are wondering how to improve your brand image in 2024, you can do so by supporting your staff with an environment that will enable them to thrive in their various roles. The more satisfied they are with your working conditions, the likelier they are to speak positively of your brand to the world beyond your business’s walls.

Enhance Customer Service

The customer-facing aspects of your business play a big role in shaping the public’s view of your brand. If your customer support desk is empathetic and swiftly resolves issues that customers and others raise with it, your broader business will have its reputation enhanced. In 2024, take advantage of technology to provide seamless and efficient customer support. Implement chatbots, AI-driven customer service solutions, and real-time communication channels to address customer queries promptly.

Be Quick to Adapt

Today’s world is fast-paced and changing quickly. Almost nothing is static. Attention spans are short, disruption is the status quo, and fads are sweeping and hyper-temporary. This reality demands that you constantly monitor the trends of the market you’re serving, and adapt your brand and its messaging to fit with the flow of the times. Of course, you should not give up on your core values. But ensure that your products and services and offered to the public in a manner that speaks to their current tastes, as much as to their perennial needs.
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Final Words

In enhancing your brand image, you have to take a holistic approach that combines the characteristics we’ve pointed to in this article: cultural sensitivity, technology, authenticity, social responsibility, employee well-being, and excellent customer service. Stay attuned to the needs and values of your target audience, so that your brand will stand a good chance of surviving and thriving in this competitive business landscape.
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This article was first published on 4th January 2024 and updated on January 10th, 2024 at 12:01 pm


Chidiogo Shalom Akaelu holds a degree in English and Literary Studies, from the University of Nigeria. She is a freelance writer, editor and founder of Loana Press, a budding online publishing outlet.

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