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  Hosting an event for your business comes with a lot of benefits such as customer engagements and publicity, which also generate leads too. Hosting an event for your business can be taxing, however, with the right strategies and planning, you can hit your goals.
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In this article, I highlight seven steps towards hosting a successful event for your business.
  • Specify The Purpose Of The Event

The first step toward hosting a successful event for your business is to answer the question of “The Who, Why and What”. You have to specify who the event is meant for and why should they attend your event. Next, what will they benefit from attending your event? Have it at the back of your mind that, if this event is properly done, you stand a great chance of making your business stand out. The goal of hosting an event is to make the target audience happy. Hence, host an event that resonates with your target audience. Keep in mind even the smallest details, because they can make or mar your business. Hence, don’t neglect anything, including coffee!
  • Plan Ahead

It will be in your favour if you plan months and weeks ahead of your business event. Depending on the expected size of the audience, make sure you plan accordingly. Give yourself a great deal of time to sort out the venue (if it is a live event) or technology needs (sounds, lights and sights) within your budget. It is advisable to plan eight to ten weeks ahead of your live events. 
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Picking the right venue goes beyond how large and beautiful the interiors of the venue are. Make sure you have your audience in mind when picking a venue. Ensure that it is convenient for them. For example, picking a venue in the heart of downtown during morning rush hour will likely discourage people. There is a possibility that many will arrive late, while some may likely not attend. 
  • Promoting Your Event

There are diverse ways to promote your event. Having a good size of email list of contacts and customers should be your number one priority. Hopefully, this should already be in place so that you can send multiple invitations leading up to the event. Also, it is important to note that you have to send two email invites seven days to the event. Don’t forget to ask them to invite other business owners they know. By asking them to invite others, you are building your email list.  Do NOT buy an email list! That is a very bad way to de-market your business. Ensure that your list is organic, that is, those on your list know your business too well. Spamming people about your business is a way to kill your brand. Finally, you can deploy Facebook ads, retargeting ads, and YouTube ads if you have the means to spend more. These mediums have proven to be effective in generating buzz around your event.
  • Registration for Your Event

Registration of attendants is very important. It is surprisingly simple to keep record of registrants with software apps like Eventbrite and Facebook. This allows you to follow-up with your attendees for some post-event emails or special offers.
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Moreover, registration of attendees helps you to have a rough estimate of how many people will be attending your event, which also helps you to plan ahead (refer back to number two!).
  • Event Day Sign-In

Don’t forget to put in place a platform where attendees sign-in when they attend your event.  Therefore, make sure that the sign-in process is as streamlined as possible. It might be discouraging when attendees have to wait in a long line or jump through hurdles to enter the event. So, having an extra person or a tech support desk at the sign-in area can really help in speeding up the process. This adds a professional touch to your event.
  • Reap the Rewards

If you follow the above-discussed steps, then you should have accomplished your goal of hosting a successful event that makes your business stand out. Also, depending on the nature of the event, hosting a successful business will offer you the opportunity to sell your products, get hold of useful business contacts, and as well grant you the opportunity to add more customers to your shelves.  Featured Image Source: Flexxzone
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This article was first published on 16th June 2022


Nnaemeka is an academic scholar with a degree in History and International Studies from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He is also a creative writer, content creator, storyteller, and social analyst.

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