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  There are times you will stay stagnant in a particular place and will not know how best to make progress. At such times, what will be needed is a separation from environments and things you have grown accustomed to.
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Stepping out of your comfort zone is a big step that comes with a lot of discomfort. However, it could also bring the greatest rewards. Here are some ways you can deal with new changes and stepping out of your comfort zone.
  1. Start Small

You will feel less overwhelmed when you start small. Change is discomforting for everyone, but the more you act in spite of it, the more you will get used to it. Starting small helps you absorb the changes you are about to make much more easily, and not overthink it. It is easier to take action when the change is minimal.
  1. Make a Decision to Commit

You must have your mind set to commit to change. You should not just agree to make changes, but be ready to see it through. You should address any impediment that might prevent you from achieving this goal.
  1. Draw Out a Plan

Your decision should be backed up by definite plans to bring it to fruition. What daily activity would you do to bring you closer to the achievement of your goals? Be quite specific about your plans and input a time to accomplish them.
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  1. Take Risks

There are only two outcomes when you take risks. It is either you win or you learn from your failure. Taking risks is the only way to test your growth and know how much progress you have made mentally. Nonetheless, your risks must be well calculated so you are more targeted about getting a win than just trying.
  1. Know Your Limits

Embracing change must come with a lot of self awareness. You should know when you are out of your element, and can’t push further. When you repeatedly fail in an area, verify to know if you fail because of a lack of applied knowledge, or you are just out of sync with yourself. This does not mean you shouldn’t keep going regardless, it just means you would know when to outsource and when to take up more responsibilities.
  1. Make Continuous Progress

You cannot be at a place for long. You need to be making consistent progress towards your goals. What worked for you before now, might not work right now, so a continual reinvention is necessary to keep you relevant and valuable. When you make a decision to grow, you start to attract the requisite opportunities that will plunge you into growth. It might seem scary at first, but that is your cue. It is time to go out of your comfort zone and launch into one of the best experiences of your life. Featured Image Source: Doug D Vorak
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This article was first published on 7th January 2022


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