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Every day, we have to make important decisions on a wide range of issues. While these decisions often require careful thinking and analysis before taking the leap, some of us fall into the trap of overthinking until we’re too paralysed to take a step. In extreme cases, we turn what should be a simple and straightforward decision into an impossible one. 

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If you want to become better at making decisions instead of holding yourself back due to fear, here are some steps you can take to start taking action.

Be clear on what you really want 

Sometimes people become indecisive when they’re trying to choose between two options that they don’t care about. Therefore, it is important to get clear on what you actually want out of life. So, if you find yourself stuck between options, consider what you truly desire. If you’re undecided about making a career shift, for example, consider what you like about your current job and the one you’re considering.

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Remember that taking action trumps doing nothing

It’s easy to feel paralysed when you can’t choose between two important life choices. But one thing we fail to remember is that even if we were to go for the wrong option and regret it down the line, we would still have gained some experience and skill. 

For example, let’s say you venture into a career you’re not sure of, but you build on it, make progress, and develop your CV. Two years later, you decide this career isn’t for you and you’d like to make another career shift. Not only will you be able to launch your job search with quantifiable skills and experience, but they’d also prove useful one way or the other in your new job. 

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Practise the small things

If you have a habit of being indecisive when it comes to choosing the “right” time to go to the gym or the “best” film to watch on Netflix, then expect this problem to manifest when it comes to making important decisions as well. 

You can break your habit of indecisiveness by starting small. Instead of wasting time deciding what movie to watch, the most convenient time to go to the gym, or whether you want to go out tonight, give yourself 30 seconds to make these decisions. Follow through with this until you work your way up to bigger decisions. 

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This article was first published on 20th April 2022


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