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Did you know that your stomach is the size of your clenched fist?

The structure of the stomach
I’m sure a lot of us consume meals larger than the size of our stomachs. Generally, our stomachs have a volume of roughly one litre and has the ability to expand to hold more food. Based on what we eat, the stomach can stretch or shrink overtime. Large portions of food can put more pressure on the muscle that keeps digested food in the right place, and when pressure on the digestive system is too much, acids and food can cause heartburn. Overeating can tax the digestive system which will not be able to produce enough of the required substances needed for digestion to cope with the large volume of food being taken in.

Food portions

Eating large portions consistently can make the stomach stretch overtime, thus making you to eat more food to get full – this can lead to weight gain, bloating, indigestion and heartburn. To help you maintain a healthy weight, eat small portions of healthy meals consistently. Want to improve your health? Follow this hashtag: #bfitabsolution™️  
Bella Odigie is a UK certified personal trainer and fitness expert of over 15 years at BFIT FITNESS ACADEMY®. She is also a practising corporate/commercial lawyer with her private office both based in Abuja. For programs, training, meal plans and nutrition tips follow her on Instagram @iambfit1, or contact

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This article was first published on 28th August 2018


Bella is a UK certified fitness junkie with over 15 years experience, who’s passionate about being an inspiration to others by helping people lead stronger, more active lives. She is a Lifestyle & Weight Management specialist with emphasis on weight programs, HIIT and Bootcamp training at BFIT FITNESS ACADEMY. Bella is also a practicing lawyer.

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