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When I think about fashion, I mainly think of big businesses and their hollow drive to make profits. This drive is often at the expense of some human beings; the human beings that make those products in some far off country, the human beings that think they NEED to acquire those products because they feel they must be considered “current”. Not to mention the toll this consumption takes on the planet due to impact of certain production methods. Even the pollution that results from that production and the disposal of discarded clothing and related products is another issue. Not all companies and creators have this sort of impact, but there are many that do. At times, fashion is a concept or construct that seems huge, Meta, a big shell, or umbrella. I do buy things, I do follow fashion, design and style to a degree, but philosophically, I keep coming back to championing personal style. When I think “style” I think of the concept of a creative individual, implying *one* and in that I see authenticity, realness, and personality. I think of something that is completely unique, though it may be similar to other things in some manner. I think of something that is human, and small and precious. So, some quick thoughts; nothing here is cut and dry and nothing is black and white. But even so, I feel like I want to articulate what I see as differences between the fashion industry and the style of an individual. This all comes from the fact that I have a desire to ask questions, to foster and spark a discussion. I feel I need to attempt to think about clothing, style, fashion in more than an “I want this and nothing more” sort of manner. I want to achieve moderation in my consumption and want to temper my desire for objects with intelligent consideration and thought. I’m positive I’ll add more to these thoughts over time, and I reserve the right to change my mind. I just feel the need to dump out the contents of my brain, as I am wont to do on occasion… Fashion isletting retailers, designers, magazines and other large companies whose main aim is to profit set trends for you to follow. Style is…setting your own trends, following your own muse, influencing other people with your creativity and confidence.   Fashion isletting others do the thinking for you. Style is…thinking about everything. Asking questions, taking chances; looking at yourself honestly. Being fearless, being experimental within the construct of your own life and your own closet.   Fashion issomething that changes seasonally, in a regimented way, driven by big business and the need to make you feel you need to acquire something new. style issomething that evolves, matures, and changes over varied amounts of time, influenced and inspired by your age, gender, culture, nationality, geographic locale, interests, subculture, politics, religion, and a myriad of other factors.   Fashion isoften mass produced, in multiples, not unique, not authentic. Style isas individual and completely unique as the DNA that resides in each of us on this planet. No two people can look at the world, and by extension, the building blocks of their closet or wardrobe, in the same exact manner.   Fashion isstrictly looking at the magazines/celebs/websites/whatever and copying a “look”. Style issomewhat about doing it yourself, being creative (either making it yourself, or if you lack the dexterity, mixing what you do have in a creative, inspired manner). This relates to the individualism of style, as stated above.   Fashion iskeeping up with the “trends” of the season. Implying you are behind the curve instead of ahead of it. style is…not giving a shit if there is a trend at all, or if so, following only those that make sense to you personally, considering the shape of your age, your body, your lifestyle, your likes and dislikes.   ….This is strictly from my point of view… I implore you to add to this any thoughts you might have.  
Cynthia Jacobs is a web enthusiast and a blogger who loves everything from style to fashion. She is also a chief editor on her own creative blog,  where shares pictures of fashion blunders and fashion advices as well. She is also a guest writer on 

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This article was first published on 4th April 2012 and updated on May 10th, 2012 at 12:49 pm

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