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What are press-on nails?

Press-on nails are artificial and acrylic nails that are ready to wear. The client just has to glue them on top of their natural nail. Another name for press-on nails is glue-on nails.

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Benefits of press on nails

Press on nails are affordable.

It saves time. You can apply press-on nails from start to finish in about 10 minutes.

It is easy to remove.

It can be custom-made. It comes in different lengths, shapes, color, and designs.

It is very easy to apply. You can apply it without the help of a nail technician.

How to apply press-on nails

Layout all the nails on a flat surface, starting from the nail for the little finger to the thumbnail.

Make sure your hands are cleaned and ready.

Use the glue that comes with the pack. Apply the glue to the middle of the nail and press the nail on your finger from top to bottom.

Repeat step 3 until all the nails are properly fixed.

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Allow the nail to dry for about 5 minutes and clean all the residue on your fingers.

How are press-on nails packaged?

Press-on nails come in a kit that contains the nails, a cuticle-pusher, a file, and nail glue. The nails are usually divided into a five-compartment container with multiple sizes for each nail so that you have a good chance of finding a press-on that perfectly matches your nail shape. There are usually extra in the set.

Essential supplies needed to make press on nails

Nail Lamp


Nail Stands


Mounting Tape

Mounting Putty

Business Cards

Bubble Mailers

Quality Gel Polishes

Base Coat, Glossy Topcoat, and Matte Topcoat

Dotting Tools


Wax Pencil

Prep Kit Contents: Mini Files, Mini Glue, Cuticle Stick, Organza Bags, Nail Foil Glue

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Organizing Trays

Nail Polish Rack

How to start a press on nails business

1. Do your Research

If you want to thrive in the press on nails business, you have to treat it as a business venture not as a hobby.

The first step to take before starting a business venture is research. You are to research the in and out of the business without leaving any important detail out.

2. Have a specific niche or theme

Having a specific niche helps you to stand out from the crowd of other entrepreneurs. It generates steady sales and helps to build your customers and clients.

Having a specific niche can also help you charge more as you are the only one that sells that product.

3. Create a business plan

Make sure you have a written business plan where you have dots all the i’s and cross all the t’s. Having a business plan helps you to stay on the right track. It prevents unnecessary spending and expenses.

Without a realistic and feasible business plan, you have set out to fail and perhaps run into huge losses. Take your time when writing your business plan.

Selling press-on nails is a lucrative business venture you are delving into. With the right information and hard work, you can thrive in the press-on-nails business.


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This article was first published on 24th May 2022


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