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  Tayo Oviosu, a Nigerian-American entrepreneur, stands at the helm of Paga, a groundbreaking mobile payment company focused on transforming cash transactions in emerging economies. Born out of a vision to digitize cash and enhance financial access, Paga found its roots in Nigeria, marking the company’s inaugural market.
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Oviosu’s educational journey includes a master’s degree in Business Administration from the prestigious Graduate School of Business at Stanford University. Before embarking on his entrepreneurial path, he gained valuable experience at Cisco Systems in San Jose, California, where he served as Manager of Corporate Development. Subsequently, he held the position of vice president at Travant Capital Partners in Lagos, Nigeria, until the pivotal year of 2009 when he founded Paga and assumed the role of Group Chief Executive Officer. With a background in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the University of Southern California, Oviosu’s professional journey commenced as a Semiconductor Chip Design Engineer at Biomorphic VLSI in Los Angeles. He further honed his skills as a Software Engineer at Event 411 before joining Deloitte Consulting’s CRM and Technology practice as a Senior Consultant. His pursuit of knowledge led him to Stanford University, where he earned his MBA in 2005. The corporate landscape of Oviosu’s career expanded during his tenure at Cisco Systems, where he played a pivotal role in strategy, acquisitions, and private equity investments. His contributions extended to leading Cisco’s investment expansion in Africa, marked by notable deals such as the $130 million acquisition of Reactivity and an investment in Guardium (Database Security, Series C, later sold to IBM).
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About Paga

In 2008, Oviosu returned to Nigeria, joining Travant Capital Partners as vice president. However, his entrepreneurial spirit soon led him to embark on a transformative journey with the founding of Paga in 2009. Paga’s core mission was to address the prevalence of cash transactions and widen financial access in Nigeria. Tayo Oviosu’s leadership at Paga reflects a commitment to leveraging technology for financial inclusion. The company’s innovative approach has garnered attention and positioned Paga as a key player in the digital payments landscape, not only in Nigeria but also as a beacon for emerging economies seeking to embrace the future of finance. Under Oviosu’s guidance, Paga continues to drive impactful change, illustrating the potential of fintech to reshape economies and empower communities.
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Final Thoughts

Oviosu’s legacy serves as a reminder that the journey to financial inclusion is an ongoing narrative, one that requires innovation, resilience, and a commitment to uplifting communities. Through Paga, Tayo Oviosu has not only built a company; he has woven a narrative of empowerment, bridging the gap between aspiration and access in the world of digital finance.
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This article was first published on 27th January 2024


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