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  Christmas is this weekend and food is a critical aspect of the celebration. So, what are your plans in this regard? Do you intend to have a quiet family dinner or are you having guests over? Have you drawn up a menu yet or do you intend to wing it as usual? If your plan is the latter, repent.
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Put a little effort into creating beautiful holiday memories for you and your loved ones. Cook something different. In case you need a little help with the menu, here are seven meals that should be on your family’s menu this Christmas: Irish Potatoes Frittata How to make Nigerian fiesta recipe - Greathomemaking If your regular breakfast has been bread and tea, well, bread and tea asked me to tell you that it needs a break from you and your family. You sef, dare to be different. Quick doesn’t have to be boring. This potato frittata is tasty and easy to prepare; it’s also an interesting variation that your family will love. Odu Fulo This food is the culinary pride of Rivers State and the YOLO meal of the Season. Odu Fulo is also known as Native Soup. It is prepared with fresh fish and the freshest kinds of seafood. So, if you have plans to chop soup and swallow this season, then, do so with this delightful soup. Ugba And Okporoko
How to make Ugba 🥣 - YouTube
Foodland Fairy -YouTube
Omo, this meal can only be found in the menu of those who understand the enjoyment assignment of the season. Ugba is the star of this dish. It is also known as ukpaka. Ugba na Okporoko is prepared by enveloping ugba in a spicy, colourful and delicious sauce which is called ncha. Garden egg, onions, garden egg leaves, pomo are some wonderful ingredients that are used to garnish this meal. But if you want to finish work, then, serve this meal with any chilled drink of your choice. Apple Salad
Creamy Apple Salad Recipe | EatingWell
This harmattan weather came with sickness. If it’s not malaria, cold and catarrh, it’s covid. Therefore, we need to boost our immune system by eating fruits and vegetables. What I’m saying in essence is that this salad is what your family needs. Apple Salad is a crunchy fruit and vegetable salad made with green and red apples, cucumber, grapes, carrots, and English pear. The dressing for this salad is Greek yoghurt. So, this food is basically perfection on a plate. Thus, if you and yours have never tasted this salad, make sure it’s on the family’s menu this Christmas. I assure you that the reviews will blow your mind. Oto Mboro
Ị chọrọ ịma etu e si esi ojoko awayị? Lee ya ebe a - BBC News Ìgbò
If you want a meal that will reset your taste bud and prepare it to enjoy all the delicious treats that’ll come with 2022, my darling, this is it. Oto Mboro looks like Oto, the Abia state version of Ekpang Nkukwo but it is actually pureed unripe banana. This meal is blood tonic on a plate and it is so delicious.

Chocolate Cake

Easy Chocolate Cake Recipe: How to make Chocolate Cake at Home | Homemade Chocolate Cake Recipe - Times Food
Times Food
If this dessert no dey your Christmas menu, wetin you gain? A rich, moist, chocolate cake is addictive on any day of the week. But having it on your Christmas menu is like taking things to the next level. You’ll find that just thinking about it is enough to make you kiti kiti and bamba. Boiled Rice and Nigerian Turkey Stew
How to Prepare Award-winning White Rice,Plantain and Stew | The Best Food|Simple Recipes for Busy Familie | Food Recipes From My Kitchen
Food Recipe From My Kitchen
A Christmas menu without rice is an abomination in Nigeria and we can’t have that. This Season’s boiled rice will be paired with turkey stew which is a tomato and pepper-based stew made with turkey parts. Now, most of us can attest to the fact that turkey is tastier than chicken but we still prefer chicken because it’s meatier. While that is not a bad thing, my advice to you this Christmas is simple. Choose the tastier meat. Your stew, your boiled rice and even your taste buds will thank you for it. I hope you’ll create a fine dining experience for your loved ones with the interesting meals on this menu. Merry Christmas. Featured Image Source: Medium
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