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Marriage is a rite of passage that is vital for the perpetuation of the human race. Even though the increase in the rate of divorce is alarming, marriage is still considered a once in a lifetime affair. One effect of this optimistic outlook is that people pull out all the stops when they are planning their wedding. The goal is perfection and everything, including food, just has to be on point. This is especially so for the Yoruba who occupy the South-Western States in Nigeria. They are the unofficial entertainment capital of Nigeria. When the Yoruba man decides to party, it just has to be lavish. After asoebi, food is the next big deal. Of course, Yoruba people no dey disappoint for food matter. Yoruba traditional wedding ceremony is called Igbeyawo. So here are five foods you’ll find in Yoruba Wedding.

Amala and Ewedu

One thing I can say for the Yoruba is that they are a people who love their food and culture to a fault. When it comes to weddings, amala must be on the menu regardless of the location or the couple’s level of sophistication. Amala is a well loved delicacy in Yoruba land. Even though this meal is a staple food in most homes, it is still cherished at Yoruba marriage ceremonies.

Ofada Rice and Ayamase Stew

This is the spiciest food in Yoruba weddings so if you don’t have a cooler in your mouth, no near am. Minus skilled presentation, this delicacy is not wowing at first glance but wedding guests love this food. Ofada rice is the Yoruba brand of local rice.  The perfect sauce for this rice is Ayamase stew. It is mostly served in a plate lined with banana or uma leaves.


Guests dey rush this delicacy because the Yoruba have A1 in preparing it. Asun is well spiced grilled goat meat chopped into bite-sized pieces. It is grouped under small chops in Nigeria and is usually served as an appetizer in Yoruba weddings. If you’re a fan of peppered meat, you’ll love asun.

Jollof Rice

I think this delicacy should be christened, “it must be there” because no event in Nigeria is complete without it. It is always served with one or a combination of the following: fried or grilled beef, fish or chicken, moi-moi, and salad. 


This mashed yam pottage is peculiar to the Yoruba. This traditional meal is made with assorted meats and fish, palm oil and spices. Asaro is also served at Yoruba traditional weddings.


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This article was first published on 23rd April 2019


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