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WeMove Technologies Ltd is a company solely focused on building innovative technology solutions for Nigeria’s transportation sector. During the Connect Nigeria top emerging SMEs, WeMove Technologies made the list at  100. There are many transport companies in Nigeria but there is a saying that the sky is big enough for all stars to shine. And shine is what WeMove Technology has done. They were recently featured in the just concluded Virtual Tourism Summit organised by Nnenna Fakoya-Smith (aka Nene-uwa) with over 40 experts from the Nigerian Tourism Industry.


Celestine Ezeokoye founded the company in August 2016 when he conceived the idea to create a platform to ease transportation in Africa . But breaking into the Transport and Logistics sector was a challenge.
WeMove Technologies Ltd
They grew from phone-based bookings to online booking when they launched their website WeMove 1.0. A small team of dedicated employees work to ensure quality service delivery. They had repository vehicles that were being recycled with booking requests. They later opened their services to allow clients tbrowse through their archives and select the vehicle they want to hire instead. Within a space of one year, the company’s gross value had grown from $630 to over $31,000. They are slowly but surely working towards being a reputable transport company in Africa.


What makes WeMove Technologies different from other Transport and Logistics companies in the industry? They summarise the answer in their tagline, ‘We Move Anything.’ But here are the services they render:
  1. They offer Vehicle hire services through their online vehicle hire portal on their website. That means, they provide you with whatever type of vehicle you need to move either goods or people.
  2. If you are already in the transport business, WeMove Technologies can give you a 360view of your business – from vehicle management, accounting, fuelling to mechanics, WeMove Planners (to help with scheduling trips), etc.
  3. WeMove Technologies has a WeMove Guider Program that encourages third-party vehicle listing and a percentage of the remuneration for every successful booking. Anyone can add a vehicle to their database as long as the owners) want to make money off their vehicles.
  4. They run an active WhatsApp group for vehicle owners – including those who want to get value for their vehicles and those who are already getting it.

How they Work

Imagine hosting a team of international delegates who came for business and want to have a City Tour but you know your car is not up to the expected standard. Or it could even be friends/family who live abroad. Let’s say they came for a wedding (the groom and his family) and they need a car to take them from their hotel to the wedding venue but you have no car or what you have is not presentable. WeMove Technologies Ltd is here to rescue you and make your life easier. All you have to do is choose the type of vehicle you want, request for the price, state your budget and bargain. When you reached an agreement on the price for the vehicle, pay conveniently online and rate the vehicle service afterwards.

Contact them

Their office is at No 78 Bode Thomas, Surulere, Lagos. You can send them an email at or call 0808 651 4565.

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This article was first published on 16th October 2018


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