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A lot of fashion outfits exist, but only a few of them offer services beyond just sewing and selling clothes. As fashionably colourful as Nigerians are, it would not be too much to ask that clothing lines which will add more flavour across the fashion value chain step up to the show and widen market reach.

One of such lines is Vedil Clothing, a Nigerian multifaceted fashion brand which brings a more diverse input to the table. Founded by Vivian Duru in 2012, the creation of Vedil Clothing is aimed at covering the demand for top-notch items in tailoring men and ladies’ clothing, accessories design and crafting, fashion apparels, ready-to-wear outfits, luxury fashion designing, fashion training, and fashion marketplace.

Vedil Clothing is a fashion designer brand in Nigeria which creatively and passionately assesses the needs of the fashion world and discovers even more channels to create timeless, unique and elegant designs which are meant to meet clients preferences. Items coming from the mills of Vedil Clothing are also assuredly classic designs with unique detailing and which includes latest ankara designs, corporate wears, and accessories for all occasions. Vedil Clothing prides itself in constantly improving to be a fashion outfit with the best practices.

On a similar note, a part of the vision and inspiration behind the brand and founding of Vedil Clothing is also based on the need to find new ways of helping everyday tailors and fashion artisans attain sustainable livelihood and income through outsourcing and collaboration. Not every tailor may be able to afford and acquire the needed sewing machines and other modern tools expected of an ideal fashion house, but with a resource-providing platform such as Vedil Clothing, these skilled dressmakers can enhance their working smartly while learning new skills.

In essence, the Vedil Clothing staff strength is made up of people who love to work collaboratively in a team as well as those on the journey of self-discovery in the fashion industry.

Vedil Clothing’s office, located at 95, Ago Palace Way Okota, Lagos, also serves as the training centre and meeting point for tailors who work to bring value for money where their clothing choices are concerned.

Vivian, the founder noted that although the current reach of Vedil Clothing is still largely within Lagos, she hopes to spread the business into other cities as soon as possible in order for them to allow more tailors and clients access their service and fashion products.


Featured Image Source: Africa Fashion Week Nigeria

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This article was first published on 25th December 2018


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