BEZ is an amazing artist that does conscious music with a unique style and delivery. The 15 track album called SUPER SUN, which I would rather describe as a book with a thousand colourful pages with each track well annotated   and pictorial, creating beautiful scenery with soothing words and rhythm. Songs like Zuciya daya (track 3) meaning one heart in Hausa, a melancholic streyn   that tells the story of a man who is deeply in love with a rich lady. Incapacitated by his financial status which threatens to deny him of a life with her, there by leaving his craving unsatisfied. Rather than resign to fate he decides to pursue his dreams and earn himself a place in life which will in turn enable him to live with her happily and forever.

 In the song SAY (track 5) the singer invites his lady on a fantasy drive saying they can go to all the exquisite places in her thoughts and dreams, to give her a priceless treat, like sail to the Nile, a trip to Italy and a drive in Hollywood, to bring their love alive, if only she will be ready, they will fly and leave the world behind.  I KNOW (track 4), has a high tempo, with a nostalgic description of a beautiful day, a mere coincidence that turned out to be serendipity on how he met a pretty nurse on a bus. Captivated and tongue tied, his motives was thwarted by his silence, without words they communicated leaving him with the conclusion that she will be amazing

 The song THIS THIS THIS (track 8) speaks of a boy who underrated the power of love, but it turned out to be a tale of the unexpected, he is caught In the middle of a love that is inexplicable. Though conscious of his excesses, he does nothing to curtail it as he has lost his will and emotions to the overwhelming power of love. It has a touch of Alternative rock TECHNICALLY (track 9) comes with a different feel and facet. It is a narration of a high school love story between two teenagers (A boy and a girl) who fell deeply in love with each other but unfortunately their love life was cut short by the girl’s untimely departure. As fate will have it they meet again .He recounts some of the beautiful moments they both shared, hoping to rekindle their love, stating the fact that they never broke officially, meaning technically they are still together. The song STRONGER   (Track 12) captures they state of mind, of a man faced with challenges and lost in the wilderness called life .Forced to the lowest ebb of his existence, he realized that challenges if put in the right perspective can propel one to greatness. Upon this discovery he resolves to fighting against all odds and using his challenges as a stepping stone towards achieving greatness in life.

 Stop PRETENDING (track 13) is a tale of three ladies, representing the three major tribes in Nigeria, locked in a contest to win the heart of a young man who can see through the pretense and deceitful tendencies of each of them. He refuses to be persuaded by their artificial gesture which is only a façade. The song is a clarion call to all ladies imploring them to be real in their quest for true love. The hit track SUPER SUN (track 1) expresses the optimism and expectation that comes with a new herald’s new beginning. The singer   voices a strong   conviction of dreams coming true, a confidence from the possession of a talent that will eventually speak for him. He encourages every one with a dream to start living their dreams, setting new trends and breaking new frontiers on their way to greatness cause only the top is befitting for a SUPER SUN  . The composition of the album makes it unusual and just a perfect blend for a debut album The album was produced by super producer Cobhams Asuquo of (C.A.M.P) Cobhams Asuquo Music Production Review written by ERU KOBE GODWIN

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This article was first published on 28th July 2011 and updated on March 30th, 2012 at 3:29 pm

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