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  Your business’s most valuable customers are those who contribute the most to your sales. They purchase more goods or higher value services from you than your other customers.
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If they were to stop transacting with you, you’ll record a significant decline in your earnings. So you’ll want to keep them buying from your business. Even if you’re trying to diversify your customer base (and you should do so), it’s important to keep your major revenue sources loyal to your brand. The value they generate will remain crucial to achieving (and exceeding) your earnings targets. This article takes you through six ways to retain your most valuable customers. We discuss them below.

Build Trust

The quality of the relationship you have with your customers is dependent on the trust they have in you. And it takes time to build this trust. You can do so by consistently providing them with great solutions, and delivering expertise that’s relevant to your line of business. When customers trust you, they will be more comfortable referring their contacts to your products. Their positive testimonials about your services could also improve the public’s perception of your brand, and make you one of the preferred options among prospects in your niche.

Offer Excellent Products

Get this right regularly, and you’ll not struggle to maintain your most valued customers. Whatever you’re offering them should be high quality, up there with the best in your space. This, more than any other thing, will help you retain clients. When people come to your business, they aren’t just looking for products. They’re seeking solutions. Help them solve their problem, and they’ll come back for more– because they will recognize you as a source of solutions that they can depend on.

Troubleshoot Quickly

Sometimes, your customers will have issues with your product. Whether such issues are from your end or the customer’s fault, do what you can to remedy them as soon as possible. The first step would be to understand what the problem is. When you get a handle on the issue, you may move to resolve it. Tackling your customer’s complaints quickly demonstrates that you value them. If the trouble is your fault, don’t hesitate to apologize for it. And if it’s caused by your customer, attend to it with calm and professionalism. Your demeanour, as well as your skill at identifying and dealing with the challenge, will impress a majority of your clients who get involved in such situations.
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Deliver Personalized Services

Customers like it when the business they patronize recognizes them as individuals. So it’s something you should really consider doing. You can begin by calling them by their name in your communication with them, whether it’s via email or physical engagement. Other ways to tap into their individuality include shouting out and sharing positive posts they’ve made about you on social media; and sending them handwritten notes of appreciation. And if they own a business, you could use their services as often as you can.

Provide Value Through Communications

Work to provide value to your customers across the channels you engage them on. This could be email, social media, your website, or messaging platforms. When they interact with them, they should come away with information that’ll make their lives easier or better. For example, if you’re sending out email newsletters to your customers, you’ll want it to be packed with information that your recipients will consider valuable. Of course, this presumes that you know what they’ll think is ‘valuable’. You should know them well enough to be able to determine this.

Run A Customer Loyalty Program

A loyalty program rewards your most faithful customers for standing by you. It gives them extras and discounts for buying certain amounts of products from your business. This is more than just a strategy to increase overall sales; it’s a way of appreciating your most active buyers. A well-executed customer loyalty program will leave its beneficiaries feeling valued, and pleased with the things they’ve been given. It also puts them in the frame of mind to continue patronizing you.

Final Words

Your business should be built around rendering the best possible service to its customers. It’s also crucial that you take extra steps to retain people who contribute the most to your bottom line. Those steps have been discussed here. Follow them, and your most important customers will keep coming back to you. Featured Image Source: Kloverharris
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This article was first published on 25th October 2021


Ikenna Nwachukwu holds a bachelor's degree in Economics from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He loves to look at the world through multiple lenses- economic, political, religious and philosophical- and to write about what he observes in a witty, yet reflective style.

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