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Outdoor signs are an effective way to attract people to your business. With the right designs, messaging, and positioning, they could be a magnet for new potential buyers, setting the stage for growth in your sales. If you run a store, you may remain hidden in plain sight without a sign notifying passers-by of its existence at that location. A sign could be the difference between having a thriving business and tethering on the edge of failure.
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Why Putting Up An Outdoor Sign Is A Good Idea

  • A signpost lets people passing through the vicinity know that you’re there.
  • If it’s properly done, it could pique the interest of someone who might need your service.
  • Great signs raise expectations; people subconsciously associate them with quality service.
  • They allow you to stand out from other businesses.
But it’s not enough to have a board declaring your business’s presence. A lot of others already do this– including your competitors. People in your target audience could just as well pop into those places. How do you make your outdoor sign the attention redirector you’d want it to be?

Deploying Signs to Draw in the Traffic

Here’s how to make outdoor signs work for you.

Get the Position Right

Whether you’re using standing boards or signage, be sure that they’re placed so they can be seen from close range or farther off. Take note of possible impediments, like trees, poles, and street lamps. You don’t want people getting distracted by other things when their attention should be on your board.

Use the Right Colour Combinations

You likely have a logo, which has its colours too. How do you use your brand colours on your signage and other markers in ways that instantly trigger interest? The answer lies in utilizing the right colour shades and contrasts. It’s better to use fewer colours that contrast to reinforce the images they fill on your field of vision. Shades are a good idea too. Just avoid riotous hues. If you don’t have brand colours yet, you have more leeway to experiment with pigments. But the same rules apply here: fewer colours, contrasting hues that reinforce the text and images, and smart deployment of shades.

Work with Larger, Legible Fonts

Your would-be visitors need to identify your business. Brand colours may do the job for people familiar with your business, but it won’t suffice for anyone who isn’t aware that you exist.
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Fonts should be clear enough to be decipherable from close quarters and a long way off. You’re free to go the stylish route with letters. Just make sure the average person walking down your street can read them. Try using borders along the sign’s contours to focus people’s attention on the text.

Avoid Clutter

The sign should carry some basic information about your business: a fine header, your services, and a powerful call to action (CTA). But don’t try to fit in too much text. The more text there is on a board or signage, the more difficult it is to read; and the less likely it will be read.

The Bigger, the Better

Larger boards or signage are more visible. You should certainly consider size when planning for an outdoor sign. If you’re going to use big signage, ensure that its size is within the limits of the rules where you are. You can still make the most of smaller signs. You’ll just have to be more strategic about their design and where you place them.

Use Lighting

If you can, why not go all the way and get signage that glows by night? Because it shines in the dark, LED signage sustains its visibility, and ensures that more people will see it, on more hours of an average day. This could help you grow your store visits and sales, especially if you’re still open past dusk. Final Words Outdoor signs are alive and well. They aren’t a replacement for other marketing and advertising efforts. But they can cover plenty of ground on your behalf if you use them right. This article has shown you how to do that. It’s time to make those signs work for you!   Featured image source: Naija Houses
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This article was first published on 6th July 2020


Ikenna Nwachukwu holds a bachelor's degree in Economics from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He loves to look at the world through multiple lenses- economic, political, religious and philosophical- and to write about what he observes in a witty, yet reflective style.

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