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  SaroAfrica is a diversified conglomerate involved in the agribusiness and consumer goods industries. For more than three decades, it has served various markets with products and services it manufactures locally and continues to grow its capacity to do so.
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The business concerns of SaroAfrica encompass the provision of farming inputs to farmers, domestic and international trade in agricultural produce, solutions that eradicate home pests, and bottled water. Each of these aspects of its operations falls under a specific functional division of the SaroAfrica group. SaroAfrica’s history goes back more than thirty years to 1991 when it set up its first business, Saro Pharma & Chemical Co. Limited. The company was established to fill a gap in the crop protection space which had opened up with the exit of the multinationals that had previously provided crop protection solutions. This division is now known as Saro Agrisciences. In the years that followed, the company expanded its reach and range of products and services. In 2007, it incorporated Saro Lifecare after securing the Household division of CAP Plc. And in 2018, it acquired Warm Spring Waters Limited from UACN and renamed it Gossy Warm Springs. These branches of the SaroAfrica brand have grown significantly since they came on stream. Each caters to a different customer base. But the core of the group remains its input delivery business (Saro Agrosciences), which delivers crop protection and agricultural inputs to farmers across Nigeria. Saro Agrosciences supplies seeds, fertilizers, and farm machinery to crop growers, and provides them with the technical knowledge they need to successfully cultivate their crops, increase yields, and reap healthy produce.
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Another of Saro’s subsidiaries, Saro Agro-Allied, is involved in the export of agricultural commodities. It started off in 1996 as a cocoa trading company and has since broadened and deepened its reach. Over time, it has been engaged in both the local and international trade in agricultural produce, selling sesame, cashew, and cocoa. Saro Lifecare, the FMCG arm of Saro’s operations, produces personal care and in-home pest products. They include Purit Antiseptic Liquid, Carat Medicated Soap, Safecut Aftershave, Dayspring Liquid Detergent, and Sniper insect killer. SaroAfrica’s bottled water brand, Gossy Natural Spring Water, is one of the better-known products in the natural spring water category. The company says it’s derived from the Ikogosi warm springs in Ekiti State and refined for human consumption. SaroAfrica has emphasized its commitment to environmental protection across its subsidiaries. It notes its plans to conform to such goals as water efficiency, energy efficiency, greenhouse gases (GHG) reduction, and waste management and recycling, as evidence of its concern for environmental sustainability in all of its operations. Featured Image Source: Jobs In Nigeria
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This article was first published on 6th October 2021


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