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  Kitchen cookware comes in all sorts of designs and sizes. They also represent varying degrees of quality. Some are reliable and will get the job done for years. Others begin to wear out after a little while.
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Picasso Cookware runs with the promise that it belongs in the former group. The company, which describes itself as Nigeria’s largest manufacturer of durable and premium cookware, is known for its finely designed pots, pans, and casseroles. It says these items are just as effective as they are aesthetically pleasing. The untrained eyes may find it hard to tell quality apart from the mass of mediocre offerings on sale. Unless you’re familiar with the brands in this niche, you’ll struggle with the multitude of options you have to choose from. This is one reason for Picasso Cookware’s insistence on building its brand reputation. It says its products are built to conform to international standards. Its cookware is made of high-grade aluminium and steel; according to it, they’re designed “to last for life.” They are also available in a wide range of sizes, fit for most typical serving quantities. For example, there are about six types of pots: the kitchen mate, majestic, pride, special, sauce, and regular aluminium series. They are all scratch-resistant and have high thermal conductivity. The aluminium pot may be used both on stoves and in ovens.
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There are three pan types listed on the Picasso Cookware website. They are the aluminium pan, non-stick pan, and Picasso Kandai. The non-stick pans are produced from high-quality Teflon; the non-stick pans may be used to cook eggs, fish, and other usually sticky food without having them stick to its interior surface. Then there are the casseroles, some of which are also non-stick. One type comes with a glass lid. Another, painted red, has a non-stick coating on it. A third type, the stainless steel casserole, has interior mirror-like polishing and is scratch resistant. These items are put together at the Picasso Cookware factory in Sango Ota, Ogun State, and are sold at major kitchenware stores. They can also be ordered on the company’s website, as well as on online stores. Featured Image Source: Picasso Cookware
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This article was first published on 16th June 2021


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