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GUO is one of Nigeria’s leading interstate transport companies. It provides transportation services to passengers in locations across Nigeria, helping them to move between towns, cities, and regions.

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Besides driving people, the company also transports goods through its haulage service, which is a subdivision of its parent firm. Over the years, this part of its operations has grown in its importance, as demand for it has expanded.

GUO operates in a competitive niche of the transport industry. Many players in this space seek a greater share of the market. But despite the presence of numerous transporters in this niche, it remains dominated by a handful of well-known brands. GUO belongs in this category of market leaders.

Established in 1980, GUO takes its name from its founder, Dr Godwin Ubaka Okeke. He headed G.U. Okeke and Sons Limited, the parent corporate group to which GUO transport belongs. In the decades that have followed, GUO Transport has steadily built its reach and strengthened its brand image.

Today, GUO covers more than 200 destinations, including countries along the West African coastline, extending all the way to Ghana. A majority of its take-off and drop-off points remain within Nigeria, where it serves thousands of customers annually.

The company has a fairly strong presence in Lagos, with terminals in the Ajah, Cele (Okota Road), Iyana-Ipaja, and Jibowu areas of the state. From these places, its vehicles transport people and goods to such states as Abia, Anambra, Cross River, Delta, Ebonyi, Enugu, FCT (Abuja), Imo, Kaduna, Rivers, and Taraba.

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GUO boasts a large fleet of vehicles, including 80 dedicated to its haulage services. The variety of vehicles available is the Sienna, the Hiace bus, and the large coach bus. They range from 7-seater cars to 59-seater luxurious buses.

Persons who want to travel with GUO can book their tickets online and pay with their bank cards or USSD. Alternatively, they may get tickets over the counter at any of its terminals. If they are travelling with children, they can take advantage of the discounts on offer for child booking.

GUO also runs a charter service. Passengers who intend to travel to specific destinations can pay to have one of the company’s vehicles take them there on private terms. Hotel and airport pickup services are available as well

Anyone who misses a trip or is unable to travel after having paid for a seat on a bus can either be transferred to another vehicle or have their trips cancelled (depending on what option they prefer). This flexible change and cancellation policy applies to most of the routes plied by GUO.

The company has a dedicated customer care team that can be reached round the clock, every day. This team takes on questions and complaints and deals with issues that potential and existing customers may have. GUO’s contact details are displayed on its website.

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This article was first published on 25th March 2022


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