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The southeastern city of Onitsha is home to a number of significant business concerns. Taken together, these businesses form the commercial heart of the area, employing thousands of persons and producing goods that are consumed across the country.

One of these concerns is the Envoy Group, a conglomerate that’s been growing by leaps and bounds. The group comprises sub-arms that manufacture edible oils and soaps, as well as a real estate, transportation and logistics, bureau de change, and international trade companies.

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Envoy has been around for over twenty years. It began operations in 1998 as a producer of vegetable oils, and later expanded into the manufacture of toilet and laundry soaps. Over the last decade, it has also been involved in the construction of residential buddings and offices, as it seeks to meet a climbing demand for real estate in Nigeria.

Envoy Oil

Envoy’s edible oils are made of extracts from locally grown oil palm. The extracts are processed into a variety of oils, including pure refined olien, a light yellow edible oil; palm stearin, which is used in the production of biscuits and soaps; refined palm kernel oil; and premium grade palm oil.

The company also makes soybean oil, which it extracts from soybean seeds.

These products are manufactured at the Envoy refinery, a large facility with the capacity to produce 60,000 metric tons of oil per annum.

Niger Soap

The Niger Soap brand is a fairly well-known product from Envoy’s stables.  It’s associated with a number of green, yellow, orange, and translucent bar and laundry soaps. The familiar green tablets are used for laundry purposes, as are the translucent bars.

The Niger Beauty Soap is one of a number of toilet soaps manufactured by Envoy. It’s made in part from natural extracts, and has a good helping of vitamin E, which functions as an antioxidant in human bodies.

Envoy Transport and Logistics

This arm of the conglomerate has the rather unusual name ‘As It Was Before’. It offers door-to-door delivery of general goods, and relies on its fleet of trucks to fulfill its client’ demands (typically requests from other businesses to move goods between locations).

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Foreign Exchange and International Trade

Envoy Bureau de Change Limited was established in 2009 to facilitate the exchange of currencies. The conglomerate also has interests in international trade. It imports and distributes office equipment, kitchen utensils, furniture, and electronics. It also exports some of its products to countries in West Africa.

Awards and Special Recognition

The Envoy Group has received several awards for its contributions to the growth of Nigerian industry. In 2013, its founder and chairman, Sir Linus Ojimba, was conferred with the National Productivity Order of Merit (NPOM) award, for his work with the conglomerate.

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This article was first published on 5th December 2019


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