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  BAGCO is a packaging solutions provider that produces and supplies bags of various sizes to clients in the industrial and agricultural sectors. For decades, its bags have been used to hold and store a wide variety of materials, ranging from harvested grains to cement. It is perhaps the most long-lived and widely known brand in its niche.
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The company is a subsidiary of the Flour Mills of Nigeria (FMN). It has three plants, namely: Bagco Lagos, Bagco North, and Bagco Morpack. Bagco Lagos and Bagco Morpack are both sited in the Iganmu area of Lagos; Bagco North is situated in Kano. From these places, BAGCO has its products shipped nationwide. It is the largest bag manufacturer in West Africa and boasts a distributor reach that’s only surpassed by a few other organizations in the country. BAGCO was founded in 1972 by George Coumantaros as part of the already existing FMN group. In its early days, it partnered with Starlinger Austria which pioneered the production of bags made of polypropylene tape, which were used to package flour. Prior to this, flour had been packaged in bags made of calico. Having started out with a plant in Iganmu, BAGCO later established another in Kano. At first, this centre only made harvesting bags which were used to store grains in Northern Nigeria. Later, it expanded into manufacturing bulk bags, travel bags, and laminated packaging. Closer to the present, it has worked with international partners to upgrade its production capabilities.
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Today, BAGCO makes and ships bags to clients within and beyond Nigeria’s borders. Much of its success comes down to the technologies at its disposal, as well as the quality of its staff. According to the company, it is able to produce more than 32 million Polypropylene bags per month. Some of the better-known clients that BAGCO serves with its packaging solutions include Dangote, Honeywell, Lafarge, Notore, Grand Cereals, Procter and Gamble, and Olam. Its customer base extends beyond its corporate clientele and encompasses the general public, for which its shopping and travel bags are made. One category of BAGCO’s products is its Zerofly bags. These bags, which are treated with an FAO and WHO-approved pesticide (Deltamethrin), are designed to store cereal grains, pulses, and seeds. The sub-brands in this category are the Kakaki, Maigidan, Hermetic, and Saharan bags, as well as the Super Sack. Because these bags are pre-treated with pesticides, they offer protection against insects and thus extend the lifetime of the grains they hold.
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BAGCO produces flour, sugar, and feed bags as well. These packages are used internally for its parent company’s products (FMN’s Golden Penny Foods) and animal feed. It makes the bags available for their party clients too, who want them for their food and food ingredient material. Besides these, the company also manufactures fertilizer bags for NPK, Urea, and Phosphate fertilizers. For half a century, BAGCO has dominated the market it targets. It has become a household name, a popular brand by every relevant metric. It could continue to reign supreme in the bag production niche in the years and decades to come. Featured Image Source: BAGCO
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This article was first published on 2nd December 2022


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