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Hexavian Laws of Business (A Collection of 21 Laws for Organizations, Entrepreneurs and Managers)

Author: Eizu Uwaoma

Publisher: PMCC Printme, 2015

Pages: 487

ISBN: 978-978-52643-5-7

The book, Hexavian Laws of Business described by the author as an “all-in-one” strategy manual, is an informative manuscript for entrepreneurs, managers, and organizations that are core to success. Success is not achieved in isolation of set laws or principles, even in business. The compilation and packaging of these twenty-one laws of business success in one have made the book timeless. The author, Uwaoma, describes the book as a product of years of research and experience in business and consultancy.

The laws explored in this voluminous book illustrate that leadership is intentional and success predictable. From the law of purpose, Uwaoma asserts that purpose is the starting point of every business; defining purpose as the genesis of genius. It determines whether a business just gets by and survives or thrives. The book provides steps towards having clarity of business purpose as it proceeds to examine the next law of vision, then the next until it exhausts the 21 crucial laws fundamental for business success.

The author is a lead strategist at the Hexavian Group, where he interacts with top-level business professionals. His engagement with businesses, entrepreneur, and managers over the years serves him with a wealth of wisdom, which he shared in this book.

Many have praised the book, some of these reviews are presented below:

This informative manuscript does well reiterate certain fundamental principles that should be applied by individuals for success to be achieved in business. Thumbs up the author and team.

-Charles Idem, Business Analyst

This is a very deailed and interesting read! Highly recommended fr aspiring and established entreprenurs alike! The Hexavian laws of Business should be every business man’s handbook of success, growth and general knowledge as well as the lawas and principles of business. This is a must read.

-Lynxxx, CEO of Syndicate Records

Take this book an read with and open mind to savour the contemporary but tageless wisdom which should assist you in moving to the next level of eveolution—thoughts, insights, an life. So engage, ponder, take action and add more value to humanity.

-Seyi Wright

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