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Digital: The New Code of Wealth (New Opportunities For Wealth Creation and Change)

Author: J.J. Omojuwa

Publisher: A’Lime Media Ltd., 2019                  

Pages: 337

ISBN: 978-978-9682237

In an era where technology is revolutionizing the way we do things, whether it is business, communication and spreading of ideas, leveraging on this digital era is the focus of this book. The author, J.J. Omojuwa brilliantly shares his digital journey and at the same time explores the evolution of technology in Africa, especially in Nigeria while at the same time presenting the opportunities this digital transformation affords.

Digital: The New Code of Wealth argues that the digital space offers the continent an opportunity to create collectives that can thrive together over the plethora of challenges being faced. At the heart of this #DigitalWealthBook is a bold statement by the author, that

This book has got something for everyone seeking to make changes in public, in private, in their personal lives, work or business or government.

-JJ. Omojuwa

The transformation that the digital technologies have brought is increasingly changing Africa, no doubt. Inexorably, the book stresses how social media is transforming the digital space in Africa. In addition, he aims to enlighten the minds of his readers in other areas like digital advocacy and activism and fintech, which is affecting the continent. In a bold call, Omojuwa points out areas of opportunities for more advancement in the use of technology to change the face of Africa.

Access to can be scaled by disrupting the pathways to access education; access to primary healthcare can become ubiquitous if we plug medicine to the power of new technology, and access to the internet, the good use of the social media, can make the difference for millions of young people all over Africa.

-JJ. Omojuwa

The book is arranged in nine chapters with excerpts of interviews with some major players in the tech industry. It is timely for any forward-thinking Africans and organizations (including faith-based). Its content empowers the reader to do more and challenges the mind to debate ideas as the active participants in shaping the future of the continent with technology.

Omojuwa, who is a social media influencer has been trending (especially on Twitter) with the release of this #DigitalWealthBook with numerous accolades and praises for the book.

Some of them include:

The digital wealth book does a wonderful job of telling the story of how Africans have evolved and adapted to the digital age, while offering data-driven suggestions and insights into how to take this step further and eradicate issues like poverty and lack of opportunities.

-Olugbenga AG Agboola, Founder and CEO, Flutterwaves

Every line analyses relevant data and with the ease of comprehension

-Adebola Ismail Akindele, Founder and CEO, Courteville Business Solutions Ltd

Indeed, the #DigitalWealthBook is a must-read for all!

Featured image source: Twitter-@Omojuwa

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