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 By Debbie Akwara

Free State, 2019                                  

Pages: 93

ISBN: 978-978-974-552-4

The cliché—the customer is king—is a testament to the pivotal position of the customer to a business. This has influenced businesses to seek varying avenues to improve increasing customer satisfaction. This is tied to the fact that customer satisfaction is the key to business success. In Customer Pulse Check: A Guide To Gathering And Using Customer Feedback, Debbie Akwara explains that tracking customers’ satisfaction with every interaction they have with your business is crucial if you want your business to retain your customers and make them advocates.

Like the title, the book examines the customer pulse and provides insightful guidelines into helping business owners and entrepreneurs understand how their customers feel at different stages of their interactions with the business product and/or services. This gives the businesses the power to satisfy and retain them. The book is written to change the perception of business executives towards customers and to understand the power they have over the businesses. It equips the entrepreneur with the basic knowledge and skill needed in managing customers’ feedback in line with:

  • Designing and developing customer feedback surveys
  • Sharing or reporting your data
  • Managing your stakeholders to address drivers of dissatisfaction                    
  • Creating a sustainable customer feedback management process

As a leading expert in the business field, Akwara has designed and implemented customer experience improvement initiatives that were relatable, scalable, and practical with measurable impact on the bottom line.

Whether you are a customer manager or head of department looking for practical ways to help your team achieve customer-related key performance indicators (KPIs), or a business executive looking for practical ways to check your customers’ pulse in line with operational effectiveness, customer success and product leadership, this book is for you.

 Have a good read!

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