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17 Secrets of High-Flying Students (Amazing Laws of Academic Excellence)

 Author: Fela Durotoye

Publisher: Visible Impact Multimedia Group, 2006

Pages: 204

ISBN 1-2006-5678-4


Fela Durotoye‘s 17 Secrets of High-Flying Students is fully packed with exciting life-changing stories, nuggets, principles to equip the reader/student with the wings to fly. It a book for anyone who desires success in academic and life

The author sets the book on the commonplace belief that though it is not the dream of any student to fail, yet many do. Another is a discovery that has influenced this timeless piece; according to him:

I have found out that your dream can only come true when you: Discover what secrets will naturally deliver the results of the dream. 2. Understand how these secrets operate and what these secrets require from you to deliver your dream results 3. Give all that the secrets demand to naturally deliver your dreams

-Fela Durotoye

A remarkable feature of the 17 Secrets of High-Flying Students is in the author’s presentation of the 17 principles laced in stories. As a result, it is not only easy to understand but also relatable to the reader. In addition, it has exercises, and “My Decision Statement” sections at the end of each principle.

The application of the timeless principles in this book could change average students into high-flying students and highly successful people.

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