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bedroom-ideas-3-e1400182537288 Creating a perfect bedroom that suits your standard depends on your designs, taste and preference. Converting your room into a sanctuary is all about comfort and one’s indulgence. To create a special feeling in a place that emits the aroma of a sanctuary takes great thought and commitment. Ponder on what a sanctuary is all about, and that may trigger your desire to turn your room into one. In order to develop a style or create a design, all you need is an idea. Here are a few questions that you should have in mind before creating any form of design for your sanctuary. What is it about a room that makes it welcoming? What is your reason for transforming your bedroom into a sanctuary? Is it for meditation, solitude, comfort etc.? Our bedrooms should reflect our innermost personalities and desires. If your bedroom affects your level of relaxation, which in turn keeps you awake, here are some helpful tips on how to create the room of your choice through furnishing, lightening, painting and art work. Go for a notable headboard: Go for a beautiful headboard, one that is notable, simple and of a preferred size. A contemporary choice will create a huge difference in your room, and will add to the beauty of your bed. Create a seating area: If there is available space, creating a seating area in your bedroom brings a different facet and beauty to your room, taking the attention away from the bed area. It gives you an area of solitude to read and have your quiet time away from the bedside.   Go for fanciful bed linen: Cotton is the most used and favoured fabric for bed sheets and linen since it’s the most durable, breathable and soft. If you want to change your bedroom looks without breaking the bank, think new linen. Egyptian, upland, supima, and pima cottons are some of the best linen. Create a mini gallery: Pictures say a thousand words, remember that every wall in your home is deserving of great memories via artwork or painting, not just the living area. Display artwork, photography and any other collections on the wall. Create your collage, (favourite framed prints or photographs) save the beautiful memories and remind yourself on a daily basis how far you’v come. Closet or chest drawer: A closet or chest drawer adds to the arrangement level of your room. A closet or drawer of a good design creates more space in your room. It helps organize your clothes, shoes and other accessories. The style and design also elevates the beauty of your room. A dressing table: A room will be more of a sanctuary if you create ample space for yourself. Adding a dressing table to your bedroom increases its glamour and creates more space in your bathroom. Play with soothing colours: Colours affect our mood and reflect a lot about our personalities. Use soothing colours to elevate the energy of the room. Select a calm shade of yellow that blends with your furniture, use other subtle colours also that connect with you for your sheets, quilts, comforters, and pillows .The bedroom is a place of rest so use colours that are calm and respite. For example, reds and oranges energize, yellow increases communication, blue, violets, greens, and white soothe, heal and increase openness. Add lights: Let there be light and there was, in different forms. Lighting brings a total different feel to your room. Bed side lamps, standing lamps, and chandeliers can emanate soft lights from a beautiful source which can alter your mood. There are other light fixtures aside from lamps and chandeliers that can also do the magic.

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This article was first published on 16th May 2014 and updated on May 19th, 2014 at 12:13 pm

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