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  Christmas is a season steeped in traditions. We buy and give gifts, decorate and light the Christmas tree, sing carols, cook together and have a good time in general. Guess what? The beautiful thing about these traditions is that in honouring them, we create memories that warm the heart long after the season is over.
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Christmas is next week. What are your plans? How do you intend to keep the spirit of the season alive in your home? Will your thoughtful gifts light up the faces of your spouse, children, siblings, domestic staff? While we are still on the matter, what provision have you made for your parents and parents-in-law? Please, don’t tell me you’re going home to see them. I know most parents won’t ask for anything and they’ll enjoy the pleasure of your company if that is all you have to offer. However, you don’t have to have the sun and the moon before you can give something of value to your parents. Whatever you offer will be well received and appreciated. So, go ahead and make the arrangements. If you cannot afford a prepackaged Christmas hamper, put one together. If you do not know what to buy, below are healthy food gifts for your parent(s)’ Christmas Menu: Oats
Maple Roasted Cranberry Oatmeal - Primavera Kitchen
Primavera Kitchen
This food is famous for its high fibre content. Fibre-rich foods can prevent constipation.  They can lower blood pressure and even control blood glucose levels. These are the kind of benefits that your elderly loved ones should enjoy from their meals.
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Greek Yoghurt
Greek Yoghurt Recipe: How to make Greek yoghurt at home
Times Of India
My Dad is not a fan of milk. I just encourage him to take Greek yoghurt and I’ll tell you why. Apart from being a great source of protein, Greek yoghurt contains probiotics that aid digestion and improve bowel movement. Moreover, Greek Yoghurt is a nonfat food but it’s rich in vitamins and it contains a high amount of sodium reducing nutrients like calcium and magnesium. These help to control blood pressure. Need I say more? Fruits and Vegetables
5 Fruit Bowl Options To Amp Up Your Dining Setup - NDTV Food
Eating rainbows is something the parents should make a habit of. And no, it doesn’t have to be boring. These fruits and vegetables can be eaten whole, made into a salad or blended up and either served as smoothie or juice. Research indicates that eating fruits and vegetables of different colours may decrease the risk of heart diseases, stroke; it may also lower blood pressure and help with blood sugar control. Fruit Cake
Easy Fruit Cake Recipe (Not Dense! Spice Cake) - Dinner, then Dessert
Dinner, the Dessert
We can’t have Christmas without cake. Fruit cake is a tasty, decadent dessert that the parents will love. Unripe Plantain
How To Make Unripe Plantain And Sweet Potato Pottage | The Guardian Nigeria  News - Nigeria and World News — Guardian Life — The Guardian Nigeria News –  Nigeria and World News
The Guardian NG
When I was eight, I thought unripe plantain was for old people while ripe plantain was for young ones. I arrived at this conclusion because my maternal grandfather had diabetes. My grandmother, who must have gotten the memo that linked unripe plantain to blood sugar regulation found interesting ways to include this food in the family meal timetable several times a week. Her grandchildren didn’t care for it but mama left us no choice. Today, unripe plantain has been associated with improved bowel movement, weight management, healthy brain function. So, if you want your beloved parent(s) to reap these benefits, then, add unripe plantain to the hamper. I’ll like to conclude by saying that the value of gifts is not in the size but in the thought behind the gesture. I hope you can bring smiles to your parent(s)’ faces by delivering any or some of these thoughtful gifts to them either in person or through a logistic company. Merry Xmas in advance, thoughtful child. Sources: Home Care Assistance Raw Forest Honey Featured Image Source: Rock Recipes
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This article was first published on 15th December 2021 and updated on December 20th, 2021 at 2:11 pm


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