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  What business doesn’t want some positive coverage from the media? It’s the sort of thing that boosts a brand’s visibility, increases interest in it, and potentially generates a lot more visits and sign-ups from the public. If you’re an entrepreneur, you’d certainly want to know how to get media attention for your business.
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That’s why we’ve come up with this article: a guide to bringing local media to your door. The tips we offer here should enable you to get in the good books of online and offline reporters and land a spot on their programming that’ll grant your venture some exposure.

Make Your Story Compelling

Unless you tell your story yourself first, journalists are unlikely to beat a path to you for a retelling of that narrative on the bigger stage. They need to have heard of it and must have found it remarkable enough to get a slot on their website, print, or broadcast. So, it’s about two things: a story that’s already somewhat out there, and one that makes a real impression. Share it on your site, social media, networking events, conferences, and everywhere else where it’s appropriate to do so. Eventually, it could get to the ears of someone who’ll cover it for major media.

Build Relationships with Journalists

It’s one thing to craft a compelling story and put it out there, and quite another to make journalists chase it. The start of the second part is often about establishing and keeping contact with journalists. Remember, they may have a fair bit on their plates all the time, with lots of other stories vying for their attention. Connect with at least a few people in the media, introduce yourself as a figure in your industry worth keeping in touch with, and offer your expertise when the opportunity comes up.

Create Newsworthy Events

Journalists are always looking for newsworthy events to feature on their beats. Why not give them one, or a few? Invite them to cover your trade shows or conferences, and be sure to feature your brand prominently while at it. Ensure that your events or announcements are timely, relevant, and newsworthy. Also, offer exclusive access to journalists, provide compelling visuals, and craft press releases that highlight the significance of your event.
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Take Advantage of Social Media and Content Marketing

Journalists are just as active as anyone else on social media—maybe even more. They know that these platforms could present them with breaking news, firsthand insights, and subject matter experts.  You can put your business in a good position to be contacted for any of these purposes. You could leverage hashtags, tag relevant media outlets, and engage with journalists’ posts to attract attention to your business.

Offer Expert Commentary or Opinion

If you’re serious about learning how to get media attention for your business, one thing you’d have to do is cast yourself as the go-to person for insights about your industry. Your brand could pave the way for your business to be featured by the media. The idea here is to build yourself up as an expert in your industry or niche (as we’ve already hinted) and make yourself available to reporters or other media contacts who want to include the views of the relevant authority in their pieces.

Ride on Trending Topics or Viral Content

Track trending topics, viral content, and relevant news within your industry or niche. This way, you could identify opportunities to insert your brand into conversations or narratives that are already capturing media attention. Do this by producing and sharing content about your perspective on the subjects in focus. That content could make your brand a part of the conversation on the subject.  If you align your brand messaging with trending topics or viral content, you can increase the likelihood of journalists covering your story or seeking your input.

Give Exclusive Access or Incentives

Another good idea would be to provide journalists with exclusive access, behind-the-scenes tours, or sneak peeks into your business operations, products, or services. Exclusive access gives journalists unique content and storytelling opportunities, making your brand more attractive for media coverage. In addition to this, you may want to offer incentives such as exclusive interviews, product samples, or discounts to incentivize journalists to cover your business.
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Final Words

Now you have a fair idea of how to get media attention for your business. Take the tips we’ve discussed here, adapt them to your business, and keep on fine-tuning them until they achieve the results you want. In good time, you’ll secure media attention that’s frequent enough to rapidly grow public interest in your brand.
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This article was first published on 24th May 2024 and updated on May 27th, 2024 at 11:39 am


Ikenna Nwachukwu holds a bachelor's degree in Economics from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He loves to look at the world through multiple lenses- economic, political, religious and philosophical- and to write about what he observes in a witty, yet reflective style.

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