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For every woman, looking beautiful is serious business. In fact, some women not only spend hours trying to look fairer than snow white but even go as far as breaking the bank to acquire more beauty products for their ever-changing regimen. For a woman, getting her skin to glow especially when its prone to breakouts, is hard and even when that flawless skin is achieved, maintaining it is even harder. In desperation, we go from product to product, website to website, advice to advice leading us to fall prey to some common mistakes. Half, if not most of the time, we could be wasting beauty products and flushing money down the toilet. Most women make these mistakes and unfortunately, no matter how much skin care products used, it might not be able to cover up the damage caused.
Here are 7 common beauty mistakes you could be making:
Exfoliating your skin too harshly or too often Exfoliating cleansers should be a part of your regimen as they strip away dead skin cells giving the skin that radiant glow. However, daily exfoliation can cause more harm than good. It could cause excessive flakiness and dryness of the skin which would lead to irritation. Also, using extreme temperatures of water are a bad idea: hot water would dry your skin while cold water will not open your pores. The best water temperature to use is lukewarm and be sure to limit exfoliation to once a week. Washing your face often According to studies, people with dry skin might need to cleanse their faces once a day, while those with oily skin should wash twice a day max. When you wash your face too often it could dry out your skin, hence, producing more oil than required. Wash your face at night before bedtime, as you’re washing off the day’s grime and pollutants accumulated during the day. Forgetting to take off makeup at night These cosmetic products we apply on our faces contain chemicals that could harm the skin over time from improper care. They cover up the pores which are responsible for producing natural skin oils. Taking off the makeup before going to bed allows your skin and pores to breathe so they can maintain a healthy glow, instead of a dullness that would require even more makeup in the morning. Leaving traces of makeup on after washing your face Just washing your face isn’t enough. Yes, after a long hectic day, doing a full makeup removal routine is the last thing anyone wants to do before bed. But doing so would make a difference in your skin glow. Use face cleansers after washing your face, cleanse deeply and thoroughly without being rough on your skin. This ensures that every trace of makeup is removed. Using the wrong skin product for your skin type You have to know the right product that works for your skin in other to avoid damaging your skin. For people with delicate skin, a harsh product could have irritating effects, products marked ‘for sensitive skin’ are better advised. While foamy washes work well for oily skin, a more hydrating cleanser is best for dry skin. People with oily skin should always go for water-based products while dry skin should use oil-based products. Not cleaning your makeup brushes often You will probably set your makeup brushes ablaze if you looked at them under a microscope and saw the amount of bacteria breeding in those bushes. That incessant acne that has lurked around for too long could be as a result of dirty brushes. Clean them at least once a week; this routine is essential and can not be over-emphasized. Drinking little water throughout the day It doesn’t matter how much moisturizer you slap on your skin if you’re dehydrated your skin will be too. Drink enough water each day as it’s not only essential for your health but also good for your skin’s overall appearance.

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This article was first published on 3rd March 2018


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