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Over the years, there have been an increment in fashion items made in Nigeria. One of which are shoes. Shoes are very important in fashion. It is as important as the clothing you put on.
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About two decades ago, a huge percentage of Nigeria preferred to buy foreign shoes. Shoes made in Nigeria were seen as fragile and less quality. However, in recent times, there have been a shift in people mindset. Made in Nigeria shoes are now being patronized more than ever.  There are some prerequisites good shoes need to have: durability, affordability, quality, comfort and many more. The goods news is that made in Nigeria shoe brands pay attention to this and even more.  There are many shoe vendors in Nigeria that create great shoes. Some of them on twitter are: 

She makes handmade shoes. Her products are affordable and they are made in Nigeria. Delivery is nationwide. They accept custom orders and recreate designs.  Some of her designs are: IDARA slipper shoes, Signature brown slipper, Braided slipper, Mens fisherman sandals, Handmade slides for men and women U.G, DON, BUCK, AGU, etc.
  1. Olumosix collection

He is an online shoe maker based in Kaduna. He produces shoes with leather and sells both wholesale and retail prices. He delivers worldwide.
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The brand believes that ‘a shoe is not only a design but it is a part of your body language, the way you walk’. His shoes are very affordable and he has so many good reviews on his business page.
  1. Velcroz Nigeria 

The hand-crafted shoe brand is based in Abuja. The shoes are designed to give the client maximum comfort in style. Delivery is nationwide. Their designs are durable, quality and stylish. All the shoes are made with precision and intent for comfort and style. Some of the brand designs are: Mamba 1, Velcroz Le’Femme design slippers, Black Diamond Loafers, Velcroz design slippers, Velcroz half cover shoes/slides, and many more. He was nominated as one of the under 30 CEOs by in 2021.

They make made in Nigeria handcrafted shoes. Their shoes are professionally made and they are very affordable. Their designs are simple and comfortable. Though the shoe brand is based in Kaduna, they deliver nationwide.  Their shoes are made with quality material in different colors and sizes. Some of the brand designs are: Chelsea boot, couples combo, pure skin handmade shoes, etc.
  1. AJ3 Footwear

A Nigerian shoe brand. The leather and materials used in making their shoes are very unique. The designs are very sophisticated and affordable. They design shoes for both male and female. Although, the brand is based in Abuja, they deliver nationwide.
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The prices of their shoes are very affordable and comfortable. Gentlemen choice, brown mamba, Zaki edition, AJ3 footwear ladies, AJ3 footwear royalty, couple for him&her,  black and red stripped slippers, black mamba, black baby mamba and many others are some of the brands design.  The brand represent style, comfort, affordability and durability. 
  1. Excell Shoes

A Nigerian shoe brand per excellence. They make bespoke handmade shoes at affordable prices. The brand shoes beautify your feet and add glamour to it.  Their shoes are made with quality leather and professional touch . Delivery takes about 7-10 working days. 


Made in Nigeria shoes are as good as those made outside Nigeria. Patronizing made in Nigeria goods makes the economy better. Buy shoes made in Nigeria, grow the naira.

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Dames’N’Dabs Olumosix collection VELCROZ NIGERIA SMB_DESIGNS AJ3 Footwear  Excell 👟             Featured Image source: Style rave
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This article was first published on 21st June 2022


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