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It’s almost month end and you haven’t met your target. Business isn’t growing at the rate you’d expected. What if your investors pull out? Your heart rate is steadily increasing, and anxiety is gnawing at your self-esteem. Does this seem familiar?

There will always be that burden to work under pressure. But you have to learn to manage it so that things don’t deteriorate. Workplace experts have shown that stress reduces creativity and productivity. There is a rapid increase in mental illness, including anxiety, depression and stress-related conditions among entrepreneurs and employees. If you want to reduce expenses in corporate health and wellness, then take steps to manage stress in the work environment.

Stress in the workplace is now becoming the major factor responsible for low productivity in office environments. Stress not only costs businesses millions of dollars in corporate healthcare and wellness expenses, it negatively affects creativity, productivity, and growth.

Experts have recommended a few strategies to help improve corporate health and wellness.  Whether you want to increase productivity or improve employee efficiency, advanced software are great business investments. Not only do they make work easier, faster and more accurate, they can reduce stress in the workplace. Here are 5 major ways in which advanced software can reduce stress in office environments.

1. Easy communication.

In all business enterprises, departments depend on each other in the attainment of larger business goals. In this vein, there is a constant communication and interaction between the various departments.

In some cases, the departments are located in one area, and in other cases, the departments may be spread out over a city, nation or even continents. A high-quality software can link the various departments. This helps employees to communicate effectively and to finalize their projects faster. This, to a very large extent, reduces stress on the workers who would have been involved in moving from one location to another.

2. Effective supervision.

This is where an HR software comes in handy. It can eliminate the need for regular management supervision. Every worker knows that feeling of having to constantly expect the sudden appearance of your supervisor.

The anxiety caused by this constant expectation, can, in the long run, lead to stress on workers. It is no secret that stress can hinder the optimal performance of the employee.

The software can also improve the performance of management level staff. They can focus on more creative tasks while the software takes care of complex routine tasks. For instance, a good employee management software will simplify time and attendance processes for your business. Physical supervision will be redundant when Lumidigm Biometrics will do a better job.

An HR software can keep employees up to date regarding their progress, changes, and management expectations. When workers see their own performance in real time, it not only keeps them on track but also reduces feelings of stress and anxiety, as a result of constantly waiting for their supervisor appraisal. Reliable reviews place solutions from Sage Payroll, Advance Systems Inc, APS and Ascentis amongst the top ranking HR software.

3. Simplifies business processes and tasks.

No one enjoys the frustration that comes with searching for hundreds and thousands of files in a facility, especially when the files are dusty with disuse. The process can be very stressful for the clients, management and most especially the employee.

Nothing can be more exasperating than the process of searching for important documents. The time and energy expended by workers in locating such documents can lead to stress.

One of the benefits of using quality software is that files are safely and automatically stored in an electronic device. This makes it easier to locate. Be the smart employer that eliminates frustration and stress from the office environment.

Unhealthy stress can be eliminated with the application of a software solution. Management can use it to take the further steps of eliminating tedious and routine activities and tasks.

4. Fewer mistakes.

All human beings are negatively affected at one point or another by certain biological, environmental and social factors. For workers, these factors affect decision-making that can lead to human errors. These errors are much more frequent in an organization where business processes are carried out manually. Research has shown that the more things are automated the lesser the errors that will occur.

Man is a tool-using animal and has been able to conquer his environment with the help of tools. Without the necessary tools, many employees are overworked leading to functional errors, operational mistakes, sickness, and several other acute problems affecting the business.

A dependable software will reduce human error and reduce stress. The employment of HR software means employees have access to automated work processes which allow workers to perform with greater precision.

5. Saves time.

Another good reason to use HR software is that it saves time, especially for the workers.

When businesses use HR software, workers do more work more quickly. This means that workers can have more time to relax and rejuvenate their system at the end of the working day. Smart employers encourage their employees to exercise, enjoy quality time with their family and friends— actions that reduce stress and increase creativity.

Relaxed employees are more creative and productive. The business grows when employees are not under unnecessary pressure. Wellness experts emphasize the benefits of exercise in reducing workplace related stress. Employees who leave the workplace physically exhausted are unlikely to participate in stress-relieving activities.

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This article was first published on 26th April 2017


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