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There are many online fashion vendors in Nigeria. These vendors manage their businesses solely online. Mostly, it is from the comfort of their homes. They don’t have a single physical store. While some are drop shippersrs, others have the products with them. The entire business is run online: advertising, placing orders, delivery, responding to customer’s concerns, etc.

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As an online fashion vendor, you can sell a particular fashion product or item like: clothes, bags, shoes, hair extensions, organic skin care products, or a combination of these items or products: clothes and bags, hair extensions, skin care products, and press-on nails.

To run a successful online fashion business in Nigeria, you need to take note of the following tips.

1. Be online and active

You should be online most of the time. It is just like running a physical store, customers can come in anytime. Don’t be offline for too long.

Being online doesn’t mean, your data is on only. It means you are actively posting the products you sell across your social media platforms.

You will easily lose potential customers if you are not online as often as you should be. Many of your customers have never seen you and they probably never will. Posting regularly is the only way of establishing trust and communication. Consistency is key.

2. Diversify

You can market your products across all your social media platforms. Many online vendors find this task very tiring. Don’t be active on Instagram or Facebook alone. You can build a niche for yourself on other social media platforms.

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Reach as many as you can. It won’t cost you too much. If you run your business on Instagram, you can add Facebook or Twitter to it. Having multiple online presences will increase sales.

All you have to do is copy and paste the same content across your pages. You don’t have to think of different content. Diversifying your business presence is paramount.

3. Have definite pricing

Pricing is very important in business, especially an online fashion business. You should have definite pricing for your products. Some online fashion vendors charge different people different prices. This act shows a lack of integrity.

Posting your prices is important. It helps you sieve out those that are not interested. Some might be interested in your products but may not be able to afford it to them. Therefore, always added prices to your products.

4. Have a good delivery service

Delivery is an essential part of running an online fashion business. It can make or mar your business. Many vendors struggle with this.

Make sure you have a good delivery service to transport your customer‘s order. Liaise with various transport services. Know their fee and how long it takes them to deliver.

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Discuss with your customer the terms of the delivery. Make sure you come to a reasonable agreement.

5. Encourage your customers to leave a review

Reviews are very important. More customers will be attracted to your business pages if you have good reviews. Reviews are your customer‘s opinions about you and your business.

You can encourage your customers to send their reviews. Constantly posting reviews from verified sources will do your business great good. You should not force your customers to leave reviews. You should politely encourage them to.


Running an online fashion business can be very cumbersome. The aforementioned tips are to make it easier for you. It is good to read and understand these but implementing them is better.

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This article was first published on 6th July 2022


My name is Agbagba Bukola. I write about the business and exciting world of fashion.

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