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Social media marketing is constantly evolving. And only when you evolve with it as well will you succeed at it. As a real estate business, there are specific things you must do to get to the next level. Real estate is not where it used to be 5-10 years ago. People want to see the freshness you bring to the table. They are out there searching for new things.

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Circling the same old strategies will weaken your efforts to make reasonable progress. This is the reason for this article. With the evolution happening on all sides, understanding the best social media marketing strategies will put you on a pedestal for success.

I will give you 5 social media marketing ideas for your real estate business in this article.

Schedule your posts

It’s a busy world. As a realtor, you might be the one handling most of your business operations. Especially if it is a startup. But this doesn’t have to be obvious to the rest of us. You can simplify your life by scheduling your posts. Use automation tools like hootsuite to plan and schedule your posts, so you wouldn’t need to be physically present to do the postings.

Create a lead magnet

Email marketing is so important. And one of the ways to leverage its benefits is by creating an irresistible lead magnet. This refers to a free solution – eBook, guide, pamphlet, webinar, etc. that can help you collect more leads.

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Humans are drawn to free solutions. So, you can take advantage of this by offering free material on real estate, guidelines or training that people can benefit from. Identify your ideal client’s needs and create a worthy solution for them. When they provide their emails for the free “bait”, then you can gradually infiltrate their mailboxes with juicy real estate deals.

Niche down

This works for any other business. You must move from a red ocean (broad market) to a blue ocean (target market). Even in Facebook advertising, for instance, you will agree that a more targeted ad campaign reaches more prospects and converts more leads. You can niche down to providing affordable homes, luxury homes, homes in Lagos, Abuja, rental homes, etc. Whatever you decide on, just ensure your niche is down to get a more targeted audience looking to close deals with you.

Engage in video marketing

Sometimes, I find myself watching home tour videos on YouTube. I usually prefer that to a bunch of social media pictures or home description texts. I believe I am not the only one on this table.

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Most of your potential clients are! Utilize video marketing for your real estate business. Shoot high-quality videos of home tours and inspections. That way, your prospects get to see the in and out of the structures. Then, they can make more speedy decisions to close a deal. Use platforms like YouTube and TikTok to achieve this.

Connect with others

Social media is, true, a social gathering. Engage with influencers in your niche. Make comments on posts, like and share too. Engage in reasonable conversations in their comment sections. Also, never neglect your already existing followers. Follow and engage with them. Respond to their comments and show genuine concern for their needs. This will attract new leads who will rest assured that you are human and have your customers at heart.

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This article was first published on 19th October 2022


Chidiogo Shalom Akaelu holds a degree in English and Literary Studies, from the University of Nigeria. She is a freelance writer, editor and founder of Loana Press, a budding online publishing outlet.

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