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  Being the world’s latest digital revolution, cloud computing has enabled the biggest industries to thrive in unprecedented ways. The cloud is awash with features that ensure agility, efficiency, high security, and scalability for these industries.
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Cloud vendors such as AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure provide these options in various packages that are customisable to industry needs. According to predictions made by Gartner, global spending on cloud services will exceed $482 billion in 2022, up from $313 billion in 2020. From all indications, the future of cloud computing, as well as that of the industries that continue to embrace it, is bright. Here are 5 industries that have adopted cloud computing solutions and the ways they’ve extended their digital reach.


As a highly regulated industry, healthcare has an enormous database system to manage. But it has been really slow to adopt cloud data solutions due to concerns about insecurity. By utilising cloud solutions, healthcare professionals can overcome these issues by adopting multi-cloud and hybrid environments. They can take extra precautions by enabling the encryption of data both when it is stored in the cloud and when it is being transferred. Given the high data storage capacity of cloud solutions, healthcare providers can gain easy access to patient data shared from various sources and leverage it to make informed prescriptions for their patients.

Tech Startups

As an industry where data takes centre stage, automotive companies thrive on responding quickly to the demands of customers that arise daily. Cloud inventory management software makes it possible to store inventory and data in an easily accessible location.
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This increases the ease at which customers can find any product they look for on the inventory. Also, cloud-based analytic tools, which implement ML and AI, facilitate the interpretation of the rich data produced by autonomous cars on the road.


Cloud computing solutions allow financial organisations to collate data – both structured and unstructured – from multiple sources at cost-effective rates. This is highly beneficial in an industry marked by high unpredictability. Although the cloud raises a huge concern about security in the financial industry, this problem can be solved by using encryption and tight security systems to protect confidential data. This enables financial companies to conduct everyday tasks with little worry about security breaches.


Manufacturers can rely on the cloud to manage data across multiple supply chains and locations. These companies can thrive on seamless communication with each other thanks to the available regional and multiregional storage options for efficient storage and management of data. As an industry that involves heavy infrastructure, the production industry can be more effective at managing costs when it comes to large scale deployments by leveraging cloud platforms.

Real Estate 

Although real estate agents are always on the move, they also have to monitor old and new private listings. This duality of their job can be simplified with the cloud. Not only do cloud solutions allow them to stay mobile and work remotely, but they also make it easy to access company data from any device including smartphones, tablets, and laptops. This improves productivity and allows them to keep abreast of private listings.


Cloud computing provides these industries and many more with a plethora of capabilities that enable them to accomplish business goals and flourish. Through its cost-effective and scalable solutions, companies can operate at optimal levels. As cloud computing grows and births hybrid IT solutions of cloud-based software and on-premises compute, these industries will in turn experience more growth. Featured Image Source: PCMag
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This article was first published on 13th December 2021


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