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“What I love most about reading: It gives you the ability to reach higher ground. And keep climbing.”–Oprah Winfrey 

Are you planning to form a reading habit but don’t know where to start? Learning about the powerful benefits of reading can be the motivation you need. From improved sleep to less stress, there are many reasons to develop the habit of reading. 

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We look at 5 benefits here.

Heightens your ability to empathise

Research shows that people who read literary fiction tend to have the ability to understand the motivations behind the actions of others. This is because reading fiction takes you into a character’s life and allows you to explore beliefs and actions that are common in everyday life. While this ability can’t be developed overnight, research shows that long-term fiction readers tend to have the trait*.

Increases your vocabulary 

A good vocabulary can create great opportunities, from acing standardised tests to passing job interviews. Studies show that children who read books regularly gradually develop a large vocabulary. Reading is the best way to learn new words when used in context.

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Improves sleep

The hours before sleep are often spent staring at a screen or engaging in other activities that can make it hard to fall asleep. Instead of scrolling through your social media feed before bed, you can pick up a good book. This helps to signal to your body that it is time for bed. Also, since reading is a stress-releasing activity, it helps free your mind from random thoughts that can keep you awake at night. 

Makes you more knowledgable

Every book comes with new information that can enrich your life. When you make reading a part of your daily routine, you gain more exposure. This can positively impact your life in several ways including making you a better conversationalist, a more decisive individual, and a better problem-solver. 

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Reduces stress 

Unless you redirect your focus, your daily issues will continue to upset you. Reading allows you to fill your mind with something more intriguing.

When you read, all your worries seem to vanish and you feel more relaxed. 

Moreover, you may come across helpful advice for solving your problems while reading, which may further calm you down. 

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This article was first published on 15th April 2022


My name is Samuel Okoruwa. I am an ardent researcher, reading is life and writing is fun.

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