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Having the best product is good, but it is not enough. In our contemporary world, a good product cannot market itself. This is especially true in a very competitive market. This is why you need to up your persuasion game. Everything in the business world rises and falls on persuasive communication. You have to strengthen your communication when communicating with your audience. It requires some powerful communication skills to get people to trust your product. Having both a great solution, as well as great persuasive powers, is a winning combination.
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Studies have shown that most successful business leaders and entrepreneurs are the best communicators and have mastered the art of persuasion. People won’t trust you enough until you persuade them to. Persuasions are key drivers of product success. Little wonder, leading companies invest so much in getting the best salesmen, developing the best ads, and creating the greatest content and brand stories. In this article, I will teach you the top five ways you can amplify your influence as a business leader or entrepreneur to improve your impact on others to better share your vision, gain buy-in from constituents, and present difficult information in a way that keeps everyone engaged and drives action:
  • Credibility: Highlight Your Real-World Experience

Building the power of business persuasion rests on building your brand. There are key ways to do this, which include networking and building connections. Using social media to build your followers, attending industry events and participating effectively, and gathering customer anecdotes to show your presence and understanding of the relevant domain are real-world experiences that help you to build your brand.
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Furthermore, building your credibility requires you to record your achievements, and deliver results. You have to use your influence to build your reputation such adding value to the lives of those around you and on your social media.
  • Emotion: Create Empathy With A Personal Story

Another way to win others over to your pride is to display vulnerability. Perceived vulnerability is pivotal to getting emotional buy-in from others. Your ability to be human, sharing in the pains, joys, humour, and struggles of others, while pushing your brand is what matters. Somehow an image of perfection and flawlessness can be interpreted as a lack of empathy by your audience. Emotions drive business behaviours, as well as personal ones. You can create this show of vulnerability through storytelling, especially on your social media where most of your audience is. In business persuasion, emotional intelligence is more important than IQ. That ability to sense and respond to other people’s emotions is pivotal to earning the trust of your audience. This can lead to the buy-in of your team and other constituents as well. 
  • Logic: Have More Convincing Facts And Figures

People are convinced by facts and figures. The truth is this, emotions are critical to storytelling and the art of persuasion.
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If you want to keep winning over your audience, spice up your story with logic. Even if you intend on using storytelling, giving accurate numbers and figures and appropriate locations and relatable experiences can make your audience buy your story and even trust you the more. There are cases where entrepreneurs make the mistake of covering their lack of data with passion for the idea and the potential. People certainly like to hear passion and commitment, but financial commitments require facts to be credible.
  •  Timeliness: Take Advantage Of The Perfect Moment

Understanding the times when it comes to the persuasive business is key. This is why you must always tailor your message to your audience based on their current needs, and who they are. This informs your audience that you are not out of touch with their needs. Using the factors of demographics or location is very good in defining the perfect moment. For example, during racial discrimination, leading businesses have often shown support to the aggrieved group. Also, in a time when people are concerned about causes like climate change, supporting climate change by offering services that promote climate change can make your audience persuaded about you.  Featured Image Source: Big Think
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This article was first published on 24th May 2022


Nnaemeka is an academic scholar with a degree in History and International Studies from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He is also a creative writer, content creator, storyteller, and social analyst.

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