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Loneliness can arise at any time regardless of if you have people around or you are alone. However, if you’re tired of being alone and want to connect with others, we’ve put together some tips that can help you. 

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Below are 4 tips to get over loneliness and reconnect with others if need be.


Volunteering for a cause you care about has many of the same advantages as taking a class or joining a club. Not only will you meet people, but you’ll also be part of a group and experience new things for yourself. It is also a great way to be benevolent and can make life more meaningful. 

This can increase pleasure and life satisfaction in addition to reducing loneliness. Working with individuals who have less than you might also make you feel more grateful for what you have.

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Be brave enough to enjoy your own company

Feel shy about joining a group of people? No problem. Watch a good movie or read a book. Just like meeting new people, spending time on your own has its own value. You might discover that you prefer your own company more than you realize.

Find a new interest

A pastime, even if it’s something you do alone, can be beneficial. That golden moment when you lose yourself in something you adore can help you get over your loneliness. You can find joy in an activity such as photography, cooking, or travelling. Alternatively, enrol in a class to learn a new skill. Consider taking an online self-paced course or watching some internet videos. Along the journey, you’ll meet folks who share your interests.

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Reestablish contact with others

You don’t need a crowd to feel less lonely. Research shows that having a few close friends may make a difference. You can phone an old friend for a conversation, and then schedule an online chat or a cup of coffee or tea that you may share in person or virtually.

Sometimes a simple call can get someone to get out of their comfort zone. Invite a few friends on a picnic or organise a party as a reunion of some sort. 

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This article was first published on 18th April 2022


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