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No fashion designer wants to earn the same income forever. Everyone wants progress. In the fashion industry, progress is measured by profit. Making your business more profitable is something all fashion designers yearn for. It means you can put your business in the spotlight and have a stable financial status.

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Making more money is not an easy feat. You must be willing to make sacrifices. You will also be faced with failures and success. The below tips will point you in the right direction.

1. Find the right target market

All fashion designers have loyal customers. Your customers are your target market. The success or failure of your business revolves around them. The kind of services you render attract your target market. Fashion businesses thrive with the right target market.

The truth is not everyone is willing to pay for the kind of service you render. It is either too cheap or too expensive. Some can only afford a particular amount, no matter the quality of your service. Others will see the quality of your service as inferior if your price is low.

You cannot provide service for everyone. To make more money, you have to provide services for those that are willing to pay more. This does not mean you should do away with your old customers. Let them gradually grow into your new pricing.

To get the right target market, you have to consider the following: your location, the financial status of your customers, the quality of your service, etc.

2. Do more

If you want more, you have to do more. To earn more money, you have to put certain things in place. Your target market will pay your service worth. No one will pay more for less. Your customers will only pay higher for high service.

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You should learn more skills to make yourself a better fashion designer. Update yourself about trending styles. Create unique designs. Ultimately, think out of the box. There are many fashion skills that can earn you more money.

You can do more by doing the following:

Have clean finishing

Expand your business.

Organize online and physical paid fashion classes.

Employ a social media manager for your business.

Create a YouTube channel.

Create a unique packaging for your business.

Print flyers and banners.

Create a business website.

Invest more in your business.

3. Take calculated risk

To make more money, you must be open to try out new things. Taking calculated risk is a prerequisite to making more money. When you take calculated risk, you stand a greater chance of making more money.

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Calculated risks are well researched risks. It means you have drafted or written realistic ideas. The ideas you write are the ones you can implement.

You can create new cloth designs, partner with investors, open multiple fashion stores, increase prices of services, etc. If you don’t go out of your comfort zone, you won’t make more money.

4. Stop procrastinating

Procrastination steals your time. You cannot make more money if you keep pushing new ideas forward. The best time to start is now. If you want to pitch ideas to prospective business partners, the time is now.

Tell your customers about your new pricing, start expanding, your advertisment strategies, etc.

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This article was first published on 14th July 2022


My name is Agbagba Bukola. I write about the business and exciting world of fashion.

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