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Many activities happen in what seems like the straightforward process of designing clothes. Onlookers and clients are usually not privy to what happened behind the scene. Fashion designers usually have to juggle different things to produce worthwhile designs.

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Fashion designing is not a job for everyone. It is only for those who possess the relevant skills for the job.

These skills enable fashion designers to run their businesses smoothly. A few of the skills are:

1. Creativity

The core skill of a fashion designer must be creativity. Creativity makes a designer create fashion pieces that are unique and distinct. Creativity means thinking about the box and merging unrelated styles to create a unified theme.

You cannot claim to be a fashion designer in Nigeria and all you do is copy or recreate styles that have been made by others. You should always create your style and niche.

The field of fashion design thrives on the continuous creation of different designs. Creativity makes you have more clients than those you are in business competition with.

If your works are boring, your clients will not see the need to choose you over your competition.

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To be creative, one must study past designs and see how the style can be manipulated to birth something new and different.

2. Good Business Sense

A successful fashion designer can properly run a business with their creativity. There are many talented and creative fashion designers in Nigeria struggling with managing their fashion business.

Having a good business sense requires that you can adequately manage your business resources. You can do this by having a proper sales record, having an inventory of the buying and selling in your business, knowing what to buy and what you shouldn’t buy, charging the right amount for your service, etc.

If you attend a fashion school, you will be taught the business side of fashion. However, if you still struggle with it, you can have a business partner or employ someone trustworthy.

You should still learn how to do it on your own even if you have tons of employees.

3. Customer relation

As a fashion designer in Nigeria, you must learn how to relate well with your customers. Customers are the bedrock of a successful fashion business. If your clients are always dissatisfied with the kind of service you render, they will stop patronizing you.

Having good customer relations entails that you listen to your customer’s concerns, attending to any issues they have, provide the service they need politely to them, etc.

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A fashion designer in Nigeria that struggles to relate well with clients cannot run a successful fashion business.

4. Pay attention to details

While sewing, always pays attention to details. Make sure your finishing is very neat. The fitting of your client’s outfit should be a vital factor you should take into consideration while sewing.

Don’t forget pins and needles on clients’ clothes. Make sure you meticulously interpret your client’s style. For instance, if your client wants a snatched waistline, don’t make the waistline buggy.

Paying attention to details is a skill fashion designers must have to be successful in Nigeria.


Always take into cognizance, the do’s and don’ts of what is viable or not in the Nigerian fashion industry. These skills are to make you and your brand better. Take advantage of them.

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This article was first published on 29th June 2022


My name is Agbagba Bukola. I write about the business and exciting world of fashion.

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