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Happy New Year! If you are reading this article, it means that you are among the so many citizens of the world that made it into the year 2021. 2020 was a marathon indeed. Not just a marathon, but a marathon run in the wilderness, filled with great hurdles, red seas, the great wall of Jericho and so many other discouragements. Some made it in spite of it all, while others were not so lucky to see the sun again. In spite of the COVID-19 that was a major theme of the past year, we are grateful that you arrived safely into this new year to continue, with us, from where we left off.  We brought you the best of business tips, culture and tradition, food, helpful articles, politics, history, personal developments, social media and marketing, sports, tourism, tech, and Fintech. This year, we hope to thrill you even better than we did last year. Also, even as we devise means to inform and educate you on happenings around you, it is expected that you seek means to grow and develop. The hurt and struggles of 2020 should be left in the past and a clean slate should be opened. Dwelling in the past amounts to losing yourself. Thus, this year, achievable goals should have been set and a conscious effort towards achieving your goals should be set in motion. Your goals should be atop of all your endeavours, this year. Not later or soon, but now. Procrastination hastens failures, so all the moves you’ll need to make in order to succeed, this year should be made when required. Make sure that, at least, you engage in endeavours that are connected to your success, daily. With this, you keep the fire and hunger going. Furthermore, in our quest to achieve our heart desires for the year, we must invest in being good citizens. We must contribute our efforts to the Nigerian project. Rules and regulations should be respected, civil disobedience should be encouraged like we did last year during the #EndSARS protests. This year should be the year that we do away with every form of political apathy; Nigeria can only get better when all hands are on deck. Through a collective effort, devoid of ethnic, religious, and political shenanigans, can we reach the heights that we’ve always envisaged. In a very much sensitive society, we should remember to be humanist. Treat people with respect, irrespective of their extractions and also speak out and stand up against gender-based violence and rape. Finally, the coronavirus is still with us, so live according to the available health guidelines; wear your face mask, wash your hands regularly, and make use of hand sanitiser. Once again, from all of us at, we wish you a very Happy New Year and a Prosperous 2021.

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This article was first published on 1st January 2021


I am a poet. I am a moderate thinker who abhors radicalism on every front and believes that most things are relative. I am a social and political critic. I love writing, reading and international politics.

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