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Despite the challenging conditions in which they operate, Nigeria’s manufacturers continue to power on. They put out edibles and tools that sustain the country’s people and economies, and employ a considerable segment of the adult population. 

Veekay Continental Products is one of the fast-rising companies in this category. They are food products and household goods manufacturing company based in Lagos. In the past five years, they have emerged as a leading food product producer in the state.

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The company specializes in processing maize flour into cornflour and custard. They also make icing sugar, package cocoa powder, and distribute rice instant meals.

Veekay was founded in 2012 by Kanayo Okonkwo. He says he decided to establish it after discovering under-explored opportunities in the food industry. While he notes that building the company has been challenging, the brand has thrived because it’s successfully meeting the needs of numerous people.

Veekay’s products include the Queen Royale Custard powder, which comes in banana, milk, strawberry, vanilla, and herbal blends. There’s also the Cocoa powder, Corn Flour, and Queen Royale rice Instant Meal. These products are fortified with vitamins and other nutrients that may be lost during food preparation.

Food fortification, in fact, a key aspect of Veekay’s offering, and one of its advantages over many other brands in its category. It also makes its products available in multiple quantities, which allows people from a broader income spectrum to purchase them.

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Its icing sugar product, the Queen Royale Icing Sugar, has also gained the trust of more bakers. It’s suitable for royal icing, fondant icing, and glazes. Because it’s fully graded, it dissolves quickly and evenly, allowing for plain icing finishing on bakes.

Besides its food products, Veekay also sells cleaning agents under the Kayfresh brand. These products include car washes, liquid soaps, and detergents. 

As it’s grown, Veekay has ramped up its production capacity and extended its market reach. With this growth has come recognition. It won the Excellence Award from the Lagos State Government in 2017 and 2018. Its Queen Royale brand was also the Lagos State Product Brand Ambassador in 2018.

In 2020, Connect Nigeria announced Veekay one of Nigeria’s Top 100 Emerging SMEs for the year 2019. Its emergence from thousands of candidate businesses followed a process of thorough screening and voting. Thanks to the support of believers in its brand, it’s taking its place in the spotlight along with other rising companies in the country. The company sources most of its raw materials locally and uses machines made in Nigeria—a fact that Kanayo Okonkwo, CEO of Veekay, is proud of. He’s determined that the company will become a leader in Nigeria’s manufacturing sector in just a few years.

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This article was first published on 24th May 2020


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