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Established in 2010 and registered with Nigeria’s Corporate Affairs Commission in 2018, Jephoseaz is a manufacturing and processing company that produces a range of edibles including African foods, beverages, and snacks.

The enterprise has its sight set on providing nutritious alternatives to unhealthy foods that have adverse effects on consumers. They are working to achieve this by developing a variety of nourishing and appetizing products from fresh farm produce.

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In its manufacturing process, Jephoseaz Foods Limited takes into consideration and caters to the nutritional needs of people with health issues such as obesity, diabetes, cancer, and low immunity. The company says it takes the health of consumers seriously and considers their specific needs in the creation of its food and beverage formulas.

Jephoseaz Foods Limited envisions itself as an African food and beverage solutions provider coming to the rescue of a consumer base endangered by unwholesome foods that have saturated the global foods market. They are on a mission to solve the challenges of hunger, poor health, and lack on the African continent with their array of locally sourced products.

The range of foods and beverages produced by Jephoseaz Foods Limited includes TOM Brown Soya Cereal, finger millet, rice, Rica Swallow, Guindo Swallow, Kulikuli Special, Donkwa Special, Groundnut Oil, Zobo Mix, and Tiger nut milk.

Tom Brown Soya Cereal is produced primarily from soya with a mix of ingredients that constitutes a balance of food classes. It is especially beneficial for lactation in nursing mothers and serves as a good alternative to dairy milk for people with lactose intolerance.

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Jephoseaz Foods Limited finger millet has a wider range of health benefits than regular millet. Its richness in fibre and calcium makes it a good choice for diabetic patients and growing children respectively. It is also helpful for people with anomalous blood pressure, asthma, liver disorders, and heart weakness.

Jephoseaz Foods Limited processes rice which is grown in local Nigerian farms. The brand of rice they produce is highly nutritious and free of stones. The quality of Jephoseaz rice has made it a good rival to its foreign counterparts.

Rica Swallow is an ingestible meal comprising mainly of rice and a combination of other items. It proves to be particularly appealing to lovers of local African delicacies. Another ingestible food produced by Jephoseaz Foods Limited is Guindo Swallow which is made from guinea corn. This product is well fortified in nutrients like calcium, copper, potassium, iron, and vitamin B and is suitable for babies who are just beginning to feed on solid meals.

Another of its products, the Kuli-Kuli Special, is prepared in the style of a Nigerian snack made from groundnuts. Jephoseaz Foods has an ‘elevated’ take on this much-loved meal, which brings it closer to attaining formal standards of nutrition and hygiene. There’s also a second groundnut based product, Dokwa Special, which contains a fair amount of protein and vitamins.

Jephoseaz Foods Limited makes its brand of groundnut oil which has limited saturated fat makes it a good substitute for vegetable oils. They also produce zobo drinks which are made from hibiscus flower and tiger nut milk which is a mixture of tiger nut milk and date fruit.


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This article was first published on 4th June 2020


Ikenna Nwachukwu holds a bachelor's degree in Economics from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He loves to look at the world through multiple lenses- economic, political, religious and philosophical- and to write about what he observes in a witty, yet reflective style.

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  • Joe

    Wow! This is a type of food I have been looking for. I will reach out to them.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Jephoseaz foods Ltd, they are generation next , their products are first of its kind, from their kunu, sobo, and host of others, i sincerity recommed their products to every homes, health wise they are d oompany to beat, more grace all the way.

  • With all sense of responsibility and honesty,we at Amos & Beatrice Int’l Ltd can testify that Jophoseaz foods Ltd is second to none in terms of products quality, branding and delivery.Jephoseaz foods products are our NO 1.

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