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  Christmas provides businesses with the chance to appreciate their clients for sticking with them all through the year. Besides verbalized thank-yous, personal notes, and shout-outs via email, it’s not always clear what other ways you could wish your clients a merry season.
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You might decide to give them gifts. But what kind of gifts would be appropriate? You will also have to think about what would work for each client, as they aren’t all the same. This article lists ten things you could give your customers this Christmas—things that they should like. Here they are, discussed in no particular order.

Custom Water Bottle

Water bottles are useful for people who are on the go. They are also part of workplace paraphernalia. If your clients are businesses, a neatly designed water bottle will come in handy for them. You can brand the bottles you give out so that their recipients always remember that it’s come from you.


You don’t really need to consult a calendar on the wall to know what day or month it is; your smartphone could supply you with that information. But this hasn’t condemned calendars to the bins of history. They are still a regular feature in homes and offices and could be appreciated by your customers. A calendar branded with your business’s logo and colours will keep it top of their minds and in their sights.

Professional Notebook

There’s almost no shortage of uses to which a notebook could be put: journaling, contact lists, recording appointments, jotting points and summaries at meetings, and so much more. Whatever its recipient decides to do with it, they’ll be constantly reminded of your business, the source that gifted it to them.

Portable Power Bank

Your clients will want to keep their mobile devices charged. A portable power bank covers this, especially when power from the public grid is unavailable. It’ll serve them whether they’re on the go, or in a fixed location that lacks a power supply.

Business Books

If you’re planning a gift for a client whose company you serve, you could make it a business book, or a book with plenty of life lessons in it. Entrepreneurs and corporate executives who are enthusiastic about self-improvement will appreciate this. Just be sure that the receiver is the sort of person who loves books (you can ask them about this beforehand just to be sure).
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Corporate Gift Basket

Put together a gift basket containing nice edibles (cookies, fresh fruits, chocolate, candy, wine, etc.) or non-edibles (deodorant, fashion accessories, beauty and personal care products, board games, etc.). Alternatively, you may purchase hampers from gift stores; there are a lot of these stores that you can choose from.

Wheeled Travel Bag

For many people, the year’s end avails them the opportunity to travel. Some of your clients could be among this number; why not give them something that’ll make their trip easier? Even if they’ve decided to have a ‘staycation’ this Christmas, the bag may very well be useful to them in the future.

Magazine Subscription

Like the earlier suggestion regarding books, this one works for people who love to be in the know. It’s great for entrepreneurs, business executives, or other people who want to stay abreast of the latest happenings in their industry or the broader business world (whether locally or internationally). Gifting your clients a magazine subscription might get you a privileged place in their good books (pun intended).

Mugs And Tumblers

Here’s another set of gifts for people who are big on staying hydrated. Customized mugs and tumblers are nice for this purpose if they’re well-designed. Considering the fact that your clients already have a few of these, you’ll want yours to be better-than-average. Again, it’ll do you some good if the tumblers and mugs are customized with your logo and colours.

Charity Donation

This is somewhat different from the other options we’ve discussed so far. In this case, you’ll be making donations to charity in your client’s name. All factors considered, it should be a win for everyone involved. Be sure to find out what kind of causes your clients would love to support; you may find a hint of this in the preferences they’ve expressed in the past.

Final Words

Sometimes it’s hard to choose the right gift for your clients. Working without prior knowledge about these things could leave you confused as you sift through the available alternatives. Hopefully, this article narrows down the options for you and makes it easier to select a befitting gift for your customers. Featured Image Source: Country Living Magazine
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This article was first published on 9th December 2021


Ikenna Nwachukwu holds a bachelor's degree in Economics from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He loves to look at the world through multiple lenses- economic, political, religious and philosophical- and to write about what he observes in a witty, yet reflective style.

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