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Change is so uncomfortable! They say change is the only constant thing in life, but the truth is we really don’t like change….Okay let me speak for myself, I really don’t like change. Now, this is coming from someone who considers herself somewhat of an adventurist. I enjoy telling stories of landing in a strange country, the day after a major mosque had just being bombed and still feeling like a merry tourist. The truth is that these experiences are few and far between. The reality is that predictability and routine are what makes life stable. If you have run a business for a few years or a couple of years, you have found your rhythm, your mojo; your way of doing things that have created the results you have achieved so far. It is usually a comfortable place to be, until something happens that rattles your comfort zone. A few examples I have seen are: Sales start to dwindle– You advertised the same way you have done, using the same methods you have used that have created some predictable results, but all of a sudden, things are not working out like they used to and then, you enter panic mode! Profits seem to disappear– You are actually making great sales. As a matter of fact, your alert per minute would beat my average running time per minute. However, at the end of the month, it seems like there is nothing to show for it. You crack your head trying to figure out what is going wrong, and that when you get uncomfortable. Great strategy but poor implementation– You are sure of what to do. You know your target market, you have done your research and you were so confident you will take your industry by storm. Alas, after several months of implementation, the results are cricket. You become confused and start to wonder, but you planned well, projected well, even hired people you thought were the right staff, but at this point, nothing seems to be working, now you are confused. The scenarios I shared above are real-life situations that have happened with clients I have worked with. When you are faced with such occurrences, you can either ignore them or hope things will sort themselves out hereby staying in your comfort zone. Or, you can become uncomfortable and get help to make things right. My team member wrote a few months ago about comfort zones; she wrote: “your comfort zone is that comfortable place where dreams go to die”. That quote has stuck with me ever since, and when I want to stay in my comfort zone, I remind myself that the choice is either to grow or to die! As a business owner, entrepreneur or CEO (chief everything officer), you need to get uncomfortable with the way things are if you want to grow your business. The great Einstein told us that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting the same result. The truth is we find ourselves in this cycle because we are either:
  1. Afraid of change
  2. Afraid to admit we need help
I have found out that some of the most successful business owners I know are not afraid to seek help. They are willing to look foolish temporarily to get growth and progress. As the year is coming to an end, you are probably already looking towards the new year, it might be time to eat ‘humble pie’ and admit areas of your business that needs change so you can reposition for a more successful 2018. If you need help repositioning, we are currently doing a black Friday promo on our VIP sessions, you can see details HERE. I will also be hosting savvy business leaders and owners to our annual free year-end seminar on the 9th of December in Lagos. If you will like to be one of the people we select, you can quickly register HERE.

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This article was first published on 27th November 2017


'Tale Alimi is a foremost business coach, business growth expert, Entrepreneurial thought leader and Host of the Entrepreneur's journey radio show currently airing on WFM 91.7. She has an expertise in guiding business owners and professionals to up-level their business and revenues. 'Tale has started and run several businesses and has experienced what makes a business succeed or fail and she brings her experience to bare in helping business owners build successful and thriving businesses. She also has over 13 years corporate experience in Consulting, Telecommunications and Technology sectors; she was part of or led teams that grew the business revenues of these organizations. She was a lead facilitator at Businessday SME Connect conference. She has a Masters in Business Administration from Lagos business school, a certificate in personal coaching from the coaching academy UK and is currently the Lead coach/CEO at Tale Alimi Global( Connect with 'Tale on Facebook and Twitter by clicking the icons below.

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  • I’ve learned what you’re sharing the hard way but it’s a lesson that can change the fortunes of a business, practically overnight. Getting uncomfortable to grow my business. I’ve committed to being uncomfortable and that means doing the chores that I hate doing but contribute the most to boosting ROI. This involves writing email pitches and pitching potential clients. It’s a whole of brain work and hustle but I do it and the results are starting to show. I’m not where I want to be but I’m no longer where I used to be. Tale, thanks for sharing!

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