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  Today is World Food Day. It is one of the most celebrated events in the UN calendar. As we celebrate food today, we are also reminded of the fact that even though it is a basic human need, a  lot of people still suffer hunger. We, therefore, need to take action not only to address this need but also to ensure a healthy diet for all.
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Today, at Connect Nigeria, we have chosen to recognize Nigerian snacks and to celebrate them for being the yummy goodness that fills, delights, comforts, and energizes us unceasingly. So, if you are visiting Nigeria for the first time, here are ten snacks for you to try.

Plantain Chips

plantain chips are simple to make and perfect with guacamole
This snack is also known as ‘kpekere’. You can’t travel within or across Nigerian states without seeing plantain chips vendors. They are permanent fixtures on these roads. Plantain chips are a great snack to munch on the go or to bring home to your loved ones. Guess what? The ripe, unripe or semi-ripe plantain chips are all available as are the spiced and plain varieties. Just make your choice and enjoy.

Boiled/Roasted Corn And Bush Pear

Roasted corn with African Pear (Ube) — Google Arts & Culture
Google Arts And Culture
This is one crunchy snack. It is popular during the rainy season and it’s best consumed as ‘e dey hot’. When boiled or roasted corn is paired with roasted bush pear or one that has been dipped in hot water, the taste is divine. So, if you have never tried it, quickly add it to your eat list.


Buy nigerian kilishi online From
The Market Food Shop
You cannot help but love this gift from the North. Kilishi is spicy beef jerky. It is a dried form of the Nigerian suya. Kilishi is one snack that you cannot get enough of; it will test your food discipline and if you are not careful, you will fail.


Nigerian Snacks: Ojojo - Water Yam Balls (RECIPE, PHOTOS) - The Trent
The Trent
This snack is prepared with grated water yam. Ojojo is one of the best meals that you can make with water yam. It is native to the Yoruba and it’s definitely a must-try.
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Chin Chin

How to Make Chin-Chin for Consumption in 2021 See Ultimate Guide : Current School News
Current School News
You can’t come to Nigeria and not have a taste of chin chin. It’s the snack we offer guests. Chin chin is a deep-fried snack. We have two major kinds of this snack, the homemade kind and the motor park kind. Homemade chin chin is made by mixing flour, sugar, margarine, nutmeg, egg and milk. The motor park version omits some ingredients like egg and milk. Nevertheless, it is tasty but not as rich as the homemade version and it doesn’t have the ‘you don make me fall in love’ vibe that it has.

Kuli Kuli

Kuli-kuli | Traditional Snack From Benin
Another delightful treat from the North. Kuli kuli is made from dry, ground roasted peanuts. It is delicious or savoury, but it’s always crunchy.


Boli | Nigerian
World Food Guide
Boli is a roasted plantain dish that is native to the Yoruba people, but these days, very much peculiar to the people of Port Harcourt. It can be made from unripe and ripe plantains.

Puff Puff

Puff puffs makers: Saf-Instant yeast - Lesaffre Nigeria
Lesaffre Nigeria
This is another deep-fried snack and it needs no introduction. Puff Puff is one of the small chops served at Nigerian parties. It is simple, flavourful and yummy.


Recipe of Appetizing Awara recipe Healthful Cooking Is Vital for Families | Main Dish Recipes
Main Dish Recipes
This is a snack native to Northern Nigeria. It is a snack healthy in vitamins and made from soybeans. It is the Nigerian variant of Tofu.


How to make for yourself some meat kebab | Pulse Nigeria
Pulse NG
Suya is a spicy meant that is native to the Northern parts of Nigeria. It is made with skewered beef, chicken, or ram. That’s it. The Nigerian food culture is rich. Thus, a visit to Nigeria would be incomplete without the country’s snacks experience. Featured Image Source: My Active Kitchen
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This article was first published on 16th October 2021


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