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There is frustration in trying to fit in, too many practices and rules to abide by. In fact I have discovered that it is harder to try and fit in than to just be yourself. I heard this as I was watching a movie, “All a Girl Wants” and I was shocked for a while: “The society places so much demands on our conducts that sometimes these pressures slowly make us shadows of ourselves.” There is something that reminds me of fitting in or blending in and that’s darkness. I discovered that darkness is something popularly acquired but light is scarce (darkness is default). When you shut yourself up in darkness, you can’t get any work done but instead it introduces insecurities about what you look like and how safe you will be if it continues to be dark so that people won’t notice your flaws. It feels comfortable but stagnant! Light on the other hand shines so brightly on you that you can single-handedly pick out your flaws but it also shows you the path so you can find a way to fix them or better still maximize them and turn them into tools. So those who see their inability to sing as a flaw discover their ability to speak as a gift; and those who see their nose as a defect discover the beauty in their eyes. Trying to fit in makes you acceptable in the darkness dragging only a shadow but not your true self. That is why we are urged to live by the Spirit. What do you enjoy doing that will impact and benefit your society? Don’t be too afraid of failure and embarrassment to let it out. Hope for the sun of challenges so that it will burn out the flaws and show the world the you that is hidden inside. Shed light on your shadow! Stand out and make an open mistake in your attempt to shine. You will be shocked by the “you” you will discover.     About the Writer: Ngozi Awazie is a blogger and the creator of Ask Sister Ngozi ( where she makes every man experience the value of life and birth destiny.  

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This article was first published on 24th July 2015

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