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Amaka is an investment banker working in the UK, but she may be about to lose her job. Around the time when the company she works for is letting go of staff, Amaka’s work permit is about to expire. The company has good reason to let her go along with everyone else, unless she can secure an account in Nigeria before her work permit expires. She has 30 days to make the deal happen, so she flies back to Nigeria with Jack, a colleague. On top of all that, Amaka has to deal with her father’s persistent nagging and her parent’s attempts to find her a husband.

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Apparently, ‘Kpali’ can mean passport or certificate, so we’re not exactly sure which one Amaka’s friend (played by Linda Ejiofor) is referring to in the trailer when she gives Amaka some advice: “What if, you get Jake to fall in love with you, you marry the guy, you get your kpali, you go your separate ways, nothing scatter.” Kpali is not the most profound film you’ll see in cinemas, but with people like Nkem Owoh, and Seyi Law in this film, there are bound to be some loud laughs.

Merrymen 2: Another Mission

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AY the Comedian pulled out all the stops for this one. If you watched the prequel, get ready because Merry Men 2 is not the Merry Men that you know. This one is a lot more complicated.

Ayo (Ramsey Nouah) is preparing to marry Dera (Damilola Adegbite) and Naz (Jim Iyke) is getting ready to be a father – Kemi (Rosy Meurer) is pregnant. Amaju (AY) and Remi (Falz) are still Abuja playboys, making cracks at the two happy couples. Everything is normal and calm until Kemi is kidnapped. Suddenly there’s fighting, punching, slapping, throwing, a 4th member of the Merry Men that no one really seems to like, and a boss lady: Dame Maduka (Iretiola Doyle). In fact, Merry Men 2 features a whole new crop of characters. Here are some of the new characters to look out for in Merry Men 2, and their descriptions in the actor’s own words:

Dame Maduka:

“She’s a highly connected, very powerful woman whose connections extend to politics, commerce and everything. Dame Maduka embodies every single thing that is wrong with our socio-political class… She has absolutely no boundaries, she’s mind-boggling. But I thoroughly enjoyed playing her.”

Iretiola Doyle


“In all she’s quite an emotional person and I hope that people get to see that part of her in all her badness and in all her being a mean machine. But you know, don’t try Zara. She’s mean.”

Ufuoma McDermott

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“The movie allowed me to play out my Instagram personalities. They wanted to inculcate that into the character, Johnny.”

Williams Uchemba


“I play the biker chic that doesn’t take nonsense and hardly ever speaks, but I know what to do and when to do it.”

Alex Unusual

Merry Men 2 is worth watching if you enjoyed the first one. But if Merry Men 2 is your first venture into the chaotic world of Yoruba demons, brace yourself.


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This article was first published on 20th December 2019


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