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Investment goes beyond going to drop your money into what seems like a promising investment. It is a really tough and calculating decision to make. Without detailed research on how to invest in stocks, you can lose money consistently. This is why you must do your homework before taking up investment opportunities.

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Here are a few things to consider before investing in stocks:

Company’s stability

The stock market is quite volatile and it does not help to invest in a company that cannot assure any form of security. Before investing in any company’s stocks, ensure you assess how the company has faired in different times, lows and highs, and if they have come back strong each time. The stability of a company is showcased in how the company can maintain a consistent cash flow, and stay out of debt.

Company’s strength

Another way to ascertain what company is worth investing in is its strength, relative to its competition. This means that you can ascertain a company’s health by comparing its value to the value of other companies in similar or complementing niches.

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Some companies might not be doing very well at the first instance, but possess a great growth potential which is also worth looking at. You should further assess if the company has an unfair advantage that might be a bonus in the long run.


Timing is crucial in investments. You must decide if your investment will be short or long-term based on your financial goals. The short term could be for 5 years or less and the long term could be anything above 5 years. You should seek companies that best suit the term you desire and what would secure the highest form of returns within that period.


This is a bit tricky, as trends are fickle. However, trends could bring to the limelight an investment opportunity you just might have been neglecting. As you find out about trends, you can decide to wait a while to see if the stock value outlives the trends. If they can ride upon trends, and maintain a high value, they might be worth considering.

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Dividends are simply the distribution of a company’s earnings among its shareholders. A company that pays dividends especially when it increases consistently is demonstrating great financial health. An increase in dividend yield can mean that the company is trying to attract or keep investors which is a bad sign. But the dividends can be paid with periodic increases just high enough to showcase that there is an increase in profit by the company.


A company with stable leadership and structure is one worth investing in. It is easier to trust a company that has leaders who can be trusted. This is since leadership is the primary instrument used to transfer values, culture, and innovation. You can be assured of quality control and sustainability of ideas.

After these considerations, find companies worth investing in and continue investing. The beauty of investments is in their compound interests. The more you keep investing, the more profit you will continually make. This is why the greatest financial advice is to ensure you start investing early.

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This article was first published on 30th April 2022


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